Thursday, May 24, 2007

Sixty Blog Post Ago..

I wonder if I should bother checking to see what post 1 was all about..nope..I'm sure it was on the verge of boring.

I've been working on socks..surprised?..I seem to have gotten bitten by the sock bug or have sock fever..which ever, I am still enjoying.

I also finished a feather and fan scarf..sadly it isn't as long as I'd like, but there was not another skein of that particular yarn to be found. I will just find a really tiny person with half a neck to gift with it...I do still love the's Noro Secret Garden and it's some # for color..I also finished a pair of Horcrux for my Grandson ..he will be 13 next week and he's a huge HP well as a Va. Tech I did the socks in the Tech maroon..then I did a pair also for my Granddaughter..using the Magic 28 and some of the leftover yarn from Betty's square. I have the mate to the blue one on the needles in addition to another 3 pair that need least I'm down from the 5 pair that were pending the end of last week. The blue is the Encore yarn..and I'm using a 40 cast on.

We're having wonderful weather!! The temps are just perfect..we haven't turned the air on yet...and it's still very bearable..and what a good excuse to not use the oven..'hmmm honey, it will heat the house up so much'..."why don't you cook on the grill?"..heck it why not~

Stopped in at LYS today and had a very nice visit with Jan and Teresa..that Teresa is going to town on those socks...We may have to induct her into the Sock Sister Hall of Fame..I'm so proud of you Teresa..keep up the good knitting!!
I'm very sad to say my Sock Sister has been under the weather..she's got a very ugly case of bronchitis..and feels quite yucky...but she saw the dr. and got some let's pray she's on the mend!! I've prescribed her lots of rest and double up on her knitting..I think it's working.
I hope each of you have a splendid holiday safe..and happy knitting and spinning.


Nikki said...

It's all so pretty!! I think you've definitely have the sock bug!

Marianne said...

Sounds like a pretty darn healthy 'bite' at that! I'm just so proud of you knitting all those socks, they're all beautiful! That scarf is too!
Happy weekend to you too, my dear friend!

Dana said...

You are a sock machine Dianne! They're so pretty and I really like the colors you used. When you have a chance, please post a photo of your Noro scarf; I'm dying to see that one.

I told L.W. the same thing - - sit, knit, nothing else this weekend. :) Have a wonderful holiday!

Dianne said...

Dana Dear..
Scroll down..the scarf is wrapped around some socks..
Tell me how Wed. sounds to you for lunch?..provided it works for Sock Sister Linda.
Have a great holiday safe and happy knitting..
I think your new name should be