Saturday, May 19, 2007

When Chicks With Sticks Clique

This is Sharen..a friend of Jan's and Dianne(MOI)..I'm wearing the scarf that Michelle made me...and if you look very closely, you will see I am wearing this awesome shawl pin that my hubby made...he decided a few weeks ago..that he was a 'whittler'..and that he is...Whittle away my dear MOTH!!

Today was Customer Appreciation Day at Yarn Theory. Yarn Theory is my LYS..the place that feeds my habit, the place I've met and made some lasting and incredible friendships..It was the place to!!

There were some incredible bargains on yarn, some awesome door prizes..but...the knitting and spinning of 'yarns' among friends was just The Best.

Nikki came from Roanoke to shop and stayed a while to knit with us.. She left much too soon because she also won a door prize...a very nice knitting bag.
Congrats you have to come back to Bedford!!

Nikki is knitting on the Va.Tech Hokie Pride Project..

Teresa is employed at Yarn Theory and she is working on one of her beautiful socks, using 2 circulars..way to go Teresa!!

And here's Queen Dana and Sock Sister Linda...My partners in Sock Crime..Dana also departed much too she was also a winner of one of the lovely door prizes...Congrats!!

This would be the incredible Favorite Sock Bible that Queen Dana gifted me today...I have no clue why I deserve this..but Thank you're a DOLL!! I can not wait to make socks from's just a totally terrific book!'re a Peach!!

And I did score this Koigu today..not sure if it's going into socks or a scarf..but you will see it stay tuned...I also bought another skein of Encore but I will post another time
Thanks to all that made this a truly exceptional day...Happy Knitting~~


Marianne said...

You are such a is the Queen and Sock Sis! Looks like a good time was had by all!
Very cool book! I'm 'in line', the waiting list for the library copy....can't wait to hear what you have to say about it.
That's the really great thing about knitters... the passing it on thing that happens. :^)
I've never seen Koigu quite like tell, is it fingering weight? colour? oh, they do numbers don't they, silly folks. Those skeins kind of remind me of the angel food cakes with the confetti baked in, ya know?
(always loved those as a kid)

Nikki said...

What a great write up! I'm glad I came up to visit with y'all! (and winning a door prize doesn't hurt either!)

Dana said...

I'm so glad you like the book! As I told Linda, it yelled your names at me when I saw it online.

Saturday was fun and I do wish I could've stayed longer - - the boys would've committed mutiny though had I tried. (Evil crumbsnatchers). LOL

Teresa said...

Very beautiful Dianne.It was a fun time by all need to do more of those. I just love making socks.On my third pair. My first pair lives in North Carolina.I am so glad that the sock SISTERS insisted I make them. I was a BIG Chicken.I love the yarns. Want to make a pair out of every color of the Life Style by ZITRON. The colors are absolutely beautiful. i am so fortunate to work at the yarn shop and to have meet all you beautiful ladies. You are all inspiration and dear friends. Don't know all the Blog Lingo. Thanks Dianne you are a great lady. Happy Knitting to ALL.