Friday, June 08, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom

Happy Birthday Mom!!

Today is my Mothers 87th birthday..

Thank you for being the great Mother you've always been, always there for me and even're still here for me...sometimes I have to do the role reversal and be the parent but you still get the final say.
There are 3 of us kids..I'm the younger and live here nearby..I have a older brother and sister..he lives here and my sister lives in Florida.
My Mom is the Grandmother and Great Grandmother to many..some are actually related and others have just claimed her over the years..the young lady in the pix is the daughter to a cousin, but this is Granny to her.
She is also the older of 4 surviving children in her family..she has 3 younger sisters.

We had a great day..We went to Lynchburg and made a few quick stops and then we went to The Olive Garden for lunch. We had a wonderful lunch and it was so awesome getting to spend the time with her..

She is still very independent for her age..even though there is 'mild' dementia..I'm so grateful that she is still able to live alone and take care of herself as well as she does..There are days that the memory is more scattered than others..but so is mine...

I admire her in that she has been able to live alone since my Father passed away 17 years ago.
I know that has been most difficult for her but she has made the best of it.

Of course I worry about her..I worry that she sometimes doesn't eat properly, I worry that she's not careful and she may fall...and I worry...what IF..something happens to me and I can't be here to help her...I guess you gotta let life take care of itself..and LIVE IT~~

Happy Knitting and Spinning..and a Good Weekend to everyone~~


Marianne said...

Well, for heaven's sake...there's no way she's what? 87? Wow. The 'Babe' thing is just genetic, isn't it.

Sending Happy Birthday wishes to your Mom, I think she's so very lucky to have you close by..


Nikki said...

Happy Birthday, Dianne's Mom!!!

She looks great for 87!