Sunday, June 03, 2007

Is this Jan or Her "Imposter"

I'm currently not doing anything very exciting either in knitting or everyday life..but there are some people out here that are knitting their hearts out....well, I may be knitting a little but no pictures of importance

For instance, look at this gorgeous's STR yarn and my Sock Sister knit her..She's a thing of beauty..and the sock isn't so bad either, huh?..Applauds my circular Sock Sister!! She says this is just the most awesome yarn she's used for, I believed her and I ordered some for 'me'..but it has to wait until other projects are complete.

Jan was seen hanging out with The Yarn Harlot some weeks ago and was missing in I'm not sure if this is really her or...her..'Imposter'..

Imposter- being a totally wonderful SWTC yarn also....that will turn into a lovely sweater when complete.

And lastly...this incredibly beautiful little girl..Lucy..a future knitter joined us a few weeks ago when we had our Customer Appreciation Day..What a Sweetie!!

As I have repeatedly blogged...our LYS has been the Melting Pot of our little's brought so many wonderful people together with the same common interest..but not only fiber...the show of love and concern for each other, as well as the lasting friendships that have been formed and carried over outside LYS.

Happy Knitting and Spinning to all~~


Marianne said...

Dude, you weren't kidding...Lucy just may be the most beautiful baby girl ever...seriously, she could be my own granddaughter! (ok, ducking and runnning.....)
Seriously, though, kidding aside, I meant it, M.B.B.G.E. (ok, she does remind me of the babies in my family!)
I'd like to thank her mama and daddy for naming her Lucy, it's a great name!


Dianne said...

Not only was she beautiful Marianne..she was the most well behaved child for her age..I think a 'knitter is born'..

Nikki said...

Tell Linda that's a beauty of a sock! I can't wait to order more STR.

I'm looking forward to seeing your STR socks, too.

Lucy is a doll!!

Dana said...

Hello there,

Everything you knit is interesting and wonderful. Kudos to Linda on her beautiful sock (what a neat colorway!). (Thank you both again for my STR; it's INCREDIBLE). The Customer Day photos were great and you're right, Miss Lucy is adorable!

Marianne said...

Yes, I'm back, I'm saying Hi to Lucy, I'm completely and utterly charmed and enchanted with this baby girl! Ya want to know what she told me? She wants me to show her how to knit..socks....yep...and lace...and a sweater...and a hat and some mittens...seriously.

Dianne said...

I heard Lucy 'whisper'..
Marianne..please move to Va..and teach me to knit..I want to make socks,lace,sweaters and maybe even stuffed animals..

Dana said...

I second Lucy's 'Whisper!' Move to VA Marianne. ;)

Marianne said...

'As if' you lovely women wouldn't be enough to get me there, but Lucy, sweet Lucy...I would teach you how to knit, and we would knit socks, lace, sweaters, hats, mittens,....and a little elephant!

Dianne said...

Gosh Marianne, you tempt me to kidnap you for personal gain..lmso!!

Jan said...

Just checking a few things that slipped by me. I'm sure glad you posted a beautiful baby so people could focus on on cute she is and not on the old fart knitting. We did have fun that day! And thank you for all the hard work you and Linda gave for the day.
Lots of love to you both!