Sunday, June 24, 2007


Again, Thanks to each of you for your kinds thoughts and warm wishes..I think they're working.
Mom is doing much better...I've still not been comfortable to leave her alone but I feel the next few days we can leave for a few hours and not worry that she will try to escape the bed.
I think she has resolved that she is going to be in this facility for a while and if she doesn't do anything such as fall again by trying to will be a quicker release.
She is currently doing much better and once she finishes the antibiotic for the UTI...I know she will feel much better..seems she has had every side effect possible with the only a few more days and she will have finished this.
The physical and occupational therapy is going well..they're working with her daily and each day pushing her a bit more. She still tires easily and is ready for bed once they're through but she makes it through the entire regimen.
She has to return to the surgeon on Tues. for a follow up visit...I will be anxious to hear how he feels she is doing.
My sister is still here and has been staying the evenings/nights and I've been able to sleep at home but I am going to take over the nights tonight and give her a little break. It was because she was here that hubby and I were able to get away for the weekend..a much needed little getaway. We left on Fri. morning early and drove up to PA....the nature of the trip was for him to go to a Civil War Memorabilia Show that is held there in Gettysburg...but after hearing of The Mannings place, which is less than a half hour from our final destination...I bargained with Hubby for a quick stop there...Well...I should just tell you this..I would have to take a 2nd mortgage on the house if I had a longer while there...they have a wonderful shop..AND I didn't even fondle much of the yarn..nor did I go into the room with the wheels...but even so, I still did a handsome amount of damage to my Visa...
It was a very warm and pleasant atmosphere..and the location and drive was just most relaxing...all the beautiful farm land and orchards...better than any medication I could possibly take.
I've almost completed my 4th square for the charity project and then I think I will begin some personal project.
Again, thanks for the uplifting words, emails and calls..I remain grateful to each of you.
Happy Knitting and Spinning~~


Nikki said...

Oh Dianne, I'm so glad to hear your Mom is getting better. I'm also very glad to hear your sister is here helping you and that you and Hubby escaped for the weekend!!
I've gotten two squares done so far myself. (and oddly enough posted right after you on the lady's site who's collecting them!)
As always y'all are in my thoughts and prayers!

big hugs!

Marianne said...

Your Mom seriously rocks...and obviously the acorn didn't fall far if you get my drift...
I'm very glad to hear she's doing better, and will be so glad when she finishes the Cipro..
Sounds like a wonderful weekend! So glad you got away and got some R&R.

Michelle said...

I'm glad you had a great weekend! I'm anxious to hear about your great finds!

Robin said...

Glad to hear your Mom is doing better...I'm just now getting caught up on my blog reading! like The Mannings huh? It's pretty awesome!

Dana said...

I'm so glad to hear that your mother is doing better, feeling more comfortable and progressing well. Likewise, it's wonderful that you had your getaway weekend (can't wait to see the goodies!).
Take care of yourselves! XOXO

Julie said...

I'm glad your mother is getting better! I'm also glad that you were able to get away for the weekend; sounds like you had a wonderful time.