Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Happy Knitting

Greetings to all my Fellow Fiber Fiends,
I do apologize for how long it's been since I've blogged but being away from home, not accomplishing much on the knitting front and certainly not much of a social calendar..therefore my life hasn't been much to write about and there are no pix to share..for several reasons...but the main one being, my camera seems to have bitten the dust..or it is menopausal and works on I am in the market for a new, smaller..easy to use camera.
We made it through the holidays and everyone received a gift of some nature..some were fiber..others were paper...either way, everyone was gifted and pleased I suppose.
I am still living mostly with my Mom..being her caregiver which has become a bit more involved since she had a temporal hemorrhage on Jan. 3...fortunately there wasn't any speakable damage..except the bit of short term memory she had reserved seems to have taken a great hit.
I get home most days for a few hours to visit with MOTH and the BOYS..and my sister has been very generous with her time in coming from Fl. quite regularly to give me 5-7 day breaks.
As of April, this will change as my Sister has decided to take early retirement and move this way on a part time basis..keeping her home in Fl. but she will be more flexible to stay for longer me more time at home.
I was most fortunate to have the opportunity to visit The Knitters Knook for it's Grand Opening and it was most delightful...a very nice array of good quality yarns and so nicely presented...Yeah Becky..I'm very happy that you have your own shop...and I look forward to many little trips up your way...It was such fun to have a day away..and to meet up with so many fiber friends and to meet so many others that I've read your blogs but not put a face on..
I did buy a laptop so I do keep up with blogs and Ravelry but I don't always have the time to comment or do much surfing...seems Mom has this little persistent cough she gets when I start doing something
Just wanted to drop in and say hello...and Happy Knitting to all~
Be well!


Dana said...

Woohoo! Seeing you online again (and a post too) has made my day. Sorry to hear about your camera though.

Saturday at Becky's was such a pleasure and I thoroughly enjoyed it too. (Fiber therapy at its best, eh?)

I was very happy to read that you'll be sharing the caregiving responsibilties come April; that's wonderful news and I'm very happy for you. :) XOXOXOXO

KnitNana said...

I enjoyed meeting you on Saturday - Becky's is I expect I'll see you there. And it sounds as if having your sister here will be very very good for both you, and hopefully your mom, too!

Nikki said...

Like Dana, it made my day seeing "purls of wisdom" in my google reader!!!! :)

I'm so very happy to see you "out and about" both online and in person (especially in person!!!)


Robin said...

Ohhh, there you are!! Glad to hear you're back! Sorry things have been so hectic for you.
Let me know next time you head towards Knitter's Knook...I'll meet up with ya!

Marianne said...

Hey hey Darlin'! So good to see your post and doin' a happy dance that you made it to Becky's opening... AND winning a prize! :^)

Triple drats on the camera though...

I'm very happy to hear you'll be getting more free time soon :^)