Friday, April 18, 2008

Trying photos again...

What a glorious day here in Central Va...the temp. got up to 82 and it was delightful!

I spent the morning doing a little shopping...went to the other Macy's that is west of us...found 2 perfect little dresses for vacation...both sun/halter type...but can be dressed up being a very simple basic black..but very flattering. I'm truly not a shopper...I make record time when doing it..I have an idea of what I want..go to it...and it either works, I purchase or I leave..not very patient in the shopping...

I suppose my lack of patience in shopping filters over to most areas of shopping I do...including fiber...and I've found I can buy at any time of the day or night..easy check out, no rude cashier and they're always open when I purchase LLBean credit card will attest to

I laundered Macy today and all that is left is to steam her..she turned out quite nice..but I am not going to sit here and say..linen is an easy knit..for me..still a youthful knitter..I find it difficult to work with and it splits easily...but the finished product is a real feel good! I attempted once again to add a photo here..but no can do...argh...I tested my camera and I can send photos via email, so I don't think it's a tech issue on my end.
The top photo that blogger let me upload is of Ricardo..he is my finished product from the Needle Felting class last Sat...taught by the lovely Lara..of Spinning Lara. I totally enjoyed learning that new little skill and it was quite a stress buster...what damage one could do with those needles..
Here's hoping you all have a great and productive weekend..I know it's the time of year for yard work, flower beds etc...but what about KNITTING...shouldn't we always have a little time for that too?
Happy Knitting~~


Marianne said...

Little Ricardo is quite the handsome bunny, good going! and yes, those felting needles are REALLY sharp!
Sounds like a good hunting/gathering trip you went on!
Yes, there should ALWAYS be a bit of time for knitting... no matter what!
XOXOXOX..... so... where you going for a holiday?

Dana said...

You did a great job on Ricardo; he's adorable! You're going to have so much fun in Mexico and lucky woman - - you get to leave this non-stop rain behind. I'm happy for you!

The little black dress sounds adorable. When you have a chance, get that camera on track and take lots of vacation photos. (Mine, too, is acting up now and has to be sent to N.Y. for Olympus to repair). If I don't see you before you leave, HAVE A GREAT TIME! XOXOX

Julie said...

Beedle felting as a stress reducer - hmmm, maybe I should take it up :) Ricardo is adorable!