Sunday, August 03, 2008

MOTH turns 60

On Saturday, Aug. 2nd, Moth(Mike or Man of the House) turned 60.
I took him and the rest of the gang to The Outback on Fri. night for dinner to celebrate..
I had asked him earlier in the week if he would like to go for dinner and he said..we can just eat at the local Mexican I had to use some strong insistence to get him to agree..since I had already invited his Mom, Candice, Jon, Ashley and Cameron to meet us there.
We had a great evening, a fabulous prime rib and it was nice to see the kids..since I'd not seen them in a while due my stay with Mom..
I don't think I would have recognized Cameron..he's over 6' and is just 14..and has let his awesomely beautiful hair go back curly as it was when he was about 2...except at 2, he was more blonde..He's growing into such a handsome young man..and has changed his eating habits from not eating anything but...a very few he will eat anything and everything..he devoured his meal quite rapidly, in additon to 2 loaves of their wonderful bread, then Mike and I both shared some prime rib with well as he had a few pieces of Ashley's chicken fingers..then a huge dessert...not too mention he was lusting over the rest of my prime rib.
Princess Ashley is just that..a little Princess..sweet as she can be, very well behaved and quite an entertainer..her dancing skills are so cute to watch...I hope they will enroll her in dance classes in the near future..she will begin pre-school in the fall...
It was a great evening even tolerating MIL wasn't so
On Sat. I fixed him one of his favorite meals at home..Fried Soft Shell Crab, Steamed Shrimp and a salad..and today, we're fasting!
Tomorrow will mark another special's the birthday of my special friend and Sock-Sister, Dana..Dana..Have a Happy Happy Birthday!!
Happy Knitting and Spinning..


Marianne said...

Happy Happy (belated) Birthday Mike!!
Looks and sounds great :^)

Mmmm, I think I would've gone for the 'favourite meal at home', now there's some good eatin'!

...groan... I'm so behind.. tomorrow is Dana's birthday... I knew it was coming up, just maybe not this fast... hmmm... Dana? How would you feel about extending your birthday celebrations? :^)

You're so sweet, Dianne.

Dianne said...

I am a firm believer in that the birthday is a month long..all August long!!!EVERY DAY ALL DAY LONG!!
Huge hugs to you!!~~

Dana said...

Your birthday dinners (both at the Outback and at home) sounded wonderful!

Happy Birthday Mike! :)

Ashley and Cameron are precious; I'm glad you finally got to see them and spend some time together.

Spinning Lara said...

Happy belated birthday, Mike! :)