Wednesday, September 24, 2008

8 Hour Baby Blanket 005

8 Hour Baby Blanket 005
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My first baby blanket..I decided on Sat. while at buy some YES..Bernat yarn and make this blanket..I have another one on the needles using 'real yarn'..from the LYS..but decided to do this quick one for some practice..Becky, forgive me for this 'sin'..and I promise to do better in the


Marianne said...

Awww, honey, that's a sweet baby blankie! and hey, Bernat makes some 'real' yarn, I've used the Cottontots, a soft cotton yarn for baby things.
so... did it only take 8 hours for real?

Dianne said...

I never keep track of time..but yes..more than 8 hours..I started on Sat. afternoon and have been loyal to during my knit time..and finished on Wed. afternoon..

Dana said...

It's beautiful Dianne! The squares are perfect and I like the garter edging. You did a great job. :D

Becky said...

Hey Dianne, you know I'm not that much of a snob! ;^}

Spinning Lara said...


Dianne said...

I loved knitting with this yarn..and it was more special because I knew who I was knitting for!