Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ten little things I challenged myself to do..One I swore I'd never do..or not so soon anyway..

Hey Gals and Guys,

It's been a while..actually judging by the photo, I know exactly how long..too long.

I am sure I mentioned out here in blogland that I was thinking about or going to Sock Summit in August..well, as it turns out, I am definitely going. As I was reading various threads of a very busy and controversial blog I found one from a shop in Oregon, Dublin Bay that collects for Afghans for Afghans and they made the suggestion that instead of an afghan, why not socks since we were coming to a sock conference..I quickly responded and said..although I am not a great sockster, I will make at least 1 pair and bring for your box. A few days later I was knitting along on a gorgeous pair of socks for moi and I picked up an article that alluded to the Children from Afghanistan and their lack of clothing..that socks are their foot cover..they don't or rarely have shoes..that's why it's so important to make them of wool..there was something in that article that hurt me so deeply..that I put my socks aside and said to myself..damn've got socks, you've got've got lots of both..can't you do more than 1 measly pair?..SO I challenged myself to do 10 pair..I'd been emailing and had developed a wonderful chat relationship with a lady in Oregon and a Sock she joined me in my quest..however she did me one better..she did 10 and felt so good about it, she did 2 more pair for a dozen..way to go Dear Judy!

She now has me questioning my good intentions and if I can muster enough steam to do 2 more pair I will but..stick me with a fork..I've DONE 10 pair..and I'm going to show them to you..right here..bored or not..

I give thanks to Marianne for sharing this pattern with me a few years back and I had used it periodically, now I have it there is no excuse to not keep a little box of these going at all times.

Also mentioning this to my Knit Group..and Dana steps up to the plate and makes 10 Gorgeous Baby hats for me to take good is she? I think she's right up there with the angels..I'm so blessed to call her a dear friend! Plus she shared extra wools she had so she is also a part of these socks...we're not sock sisters for nuthing@!!

Ok..for Pix 1..and these are not in the order they were made:

Ok..Not going to bore you with all 10 individual pair..I'm not on my computer and Moth's is weirding out on me..or perhaps it's my skillz.

Then..a few weeks ago..maybe over a month, I started getting this new car itch..don't you hate that? I tried every ointment known to man to try and get rid of but I was hit hard.. I started at the dealership where I'd bought my previous car..Firstly there was nothing wrong with my was a 2003 Black Mercedes C240 4matic..meaning it was had under 44,000 miles..The only issue we were having was...Mike has had 3 knee surgeries, I'm tall and with Mom's situation a low car isn't her best friend, so I thought I'd buy a small SUV which would be higher and I found online that Mercedes had just that exact thing..being made for 2010 but on the market I made an appt, went over and drove, loved it, brought it home for the night..thinking oh yes, this is going to work..they kept hedging on what they would allow me..first, they said they would give me...the bottom price allowed for trade on this car..I'm like..oh car is a 'cherry' has new's never been wrecked, never had a smoker inside..never had this/that I said..I think then they called in the 'master of manipulations in car dealers'..It was instant dislike..when he called Mike by name as if he'd known him 4ever and wanted to know how he was doing..and how my Mom was doing..etc..hoping he would build my confidence in him as a car sales he started shuffling more numbers and started with this..well, if we did this..and you did that..we could do this..I said NO..I've told YOU..I will give you $X for your car and my car..this is it..oh we can't do that..I said..well..we surely can't..You won't sit here and make me such a ludicrous offer and expect me to drive your car says nothing that I've bought 3 new cars here in the last 15 years and always been able to deal, it seems to me that you no longer care to do I got up shook hands and walked in my little black mercedes and came home...I figured they would call know, they always do..well after 2 weeks they had not, so I emailed the initial guy I had dealt with and told him I very much liked that car and I was still willing to give them the amount I had offered them..but that it appeared to me that their interest didn't lie in selling cars at this time...and that I was sure I would find a car that would serve me well and that Mercedes did not build the only SUV on the road...he wrote back and wished me well in my

I had been doing lots of online research during all this time and had almost 99% decided I was going to go with Honda..I liked the reviews, I had checked out the CRV's and knew that was about the size I'd I made an appt to go check those out..It was a most positive experience..they did not have a car I wanted on the lot..and were not pushy in getting one..I actually thought, maybe I'll just wait and get a 2010..but as I said..the bug was nibbling a few days later, my salesperson calls and says I have one in the pkg. you want but not your color if you'd like to drive..well, life was really busy and I didn't get over to do it..about 5 or so days later I called and said I was coming..he said, well we sold that one but..we have 3 that just came in this morning on a truck and we have a beige..I told him I'd be there in half hour..they had to put a sticker on it so I could test drive and go over when I tested it, I literally drove it with the plastic still on the seats etc...I drove it, I loved it..esp. the's so pretty!..but mostly the guy I worked with was just a pressure, no BS..just business and very good business..I went to test drive..I drove it home..I love the is actually my favorite vehicle that Ive owned including 2 BMW's and a Mercedes..this is my favorite!..It is just the perfect height for Mike and Mom..and I love 'being high' when I drive!...Here she is..Berroco Beige Hazel!


Marianne said...

Hellooooo Sis! It's always good to read a post of yours.
The socks... they're all fabulous, wonderful, and Dana isn't the only one hangin' with the angels, you're right there too! Judy sounds like an exceptional woman too :^) I know I've 'said' it before but it really is some kind of special wonderful knowing these socks you've knit will be keeping some special little feet warm. In fact, when I get the wedding knitting finished, I'm thinking I need to start in on some, like you, keeping a box of them going all the time.
Thank you for the inspiration :^)

YAY!! and Congrats on your sweet new ride! I'm glad you're happy with it and glad to hear you had such good dealings with the Honda folks... as to those 'others'? assclowns.
It really is a gorgeous ride, the design, colour, and woot! room in back to haul fibery booty! ;^) Very Important Detail.

I'm just thrilled you're going to Sock Summit!!!!!! Seriously, what an amazing event, I know you'll have and make loads of good times!


Marianne said...

as if I didn't write enough...
I love the name Hazel. always have, always will. and I'm right there with you, riding 'high'. I want to be able to see what's going on around me!

Julie said...

What beautiful little socks! It's a good thing you are doing. Like Marianne, you've inspired me to start a box of socks to warm some cold little feet.

Nice new car!

margene said...

You have spread around quite a bit of inspiration by knitting your 10 socks. Good work!
Nice ride. Enjoy it.

KnitNana said...

We're going to have such a blast at Sock Summit! And I'm so proud of you and Dana! you think that CRV would fit in checked baggage? That would solve all our transportation challenges, and wouldn't that make you happy as a clam - your pretty new car on the Portland streets?
(just kidding!)

Dianne said...

lol..I want Hazel to live a full life without in minor dings if driving her in Portland would be a ticket for disaster..but you will be able to ride in her to the airport..because Moth will drive us~
She's been fun so far..

Dana said...

Egads - - I'm late getting here. Your socks are gorgeous and you definitely deserve a big pat on the back for doing them! Congrats again on the new car; it's lovely. :D

Robby said...

Congrats on the sock accomplishment. What a nice gift. And that new car? Hope you drove it over to the Mercedes dealership and told them how much you like it. Nothing worse than smarmy sales tactics (from someone who has done a lot of sales). Enjoy!