Monday, August 17, 2009

It'z all about the bags, my friend!!

Sooo, you want to know what's in the bag?..I actually was going to show you this yesterday but blogger was a booger..and we could not come to terms, therefore I aborted the post.
I purchased the little Sushi Wrister from Wendy Sloneker you can find Wendy here:, not only does she have awesome bags, she had pretty buttons and other little sweet things that we knitters like..but you know what she had that really impressed me...she had the most incredible personality..she lit the room and she was SOOO very gracious that I'd stopped by and purchased from her. This is what Sushi is carrying at the moment:

In case you can't see this yarn well, I will post a pix of the skein before winding..but this hails from Pigeonroof Studios and it's 80/10/10 superwash Merino, Cashmere and's very kind to the hands while knitting and I've made awesome progress since the first pix..I'm on the heel a sock should be born in a few days. Here's Ribbon Dance before winding her.

The next bag was the nice project bag given by The Ravelry Team..a great little bag..with wonderful treasures inside...A skein of Berroco Wool yarn, a Namaste shopping bag and other materials..Thank you Ravelry...You treated us so well!! This was my brush with fame..

What a terrific, fun group of folks they are!!

My Trader Joe shopping bag was delivered to me by Judy..filled with goodies from Oregon..A most gorgeous pottery mug from a local potter, a beautiful coffee table book on Oregon(which makes you want to go right back), a lovely calendar for 2010 with all the highlights that make you want to go back worse..and some of her delicious homemade Almost Seedless Raspberry Jelly!! see..."When one bag closes, Another bag opens"..and can a gal ever have TOO many bags..I think NOT.

Thanks for your recent comments and taking the time to humor me by stopping by..

It was a fun I wanted to make it fun in sharing..

Oh and like the Keep Portland Weird sign?...I tried really hard to get a bumper sticker..Judy kept giving me chances but all I was getting was the said.."Keep Portland Queer"~

I'll say..later on that~~


margene said...

I like the method to your madness on bags. So true...too much is never enough.

Marianne said...

ahem.. 'humor' you? oh honey. You're funny!
Oh look, are you holding Bob? Sweet!
Yep, those were great bags and it's even sweeter when they have goodies in them ;^)
You DID make it fun, thank YOU for sharing!
Can't wait to hear about the bumper stickers! heh.
(ps... I must say, Judy certainly packs a fabulous bag!)

Dana said...

"Keep Portland Queer" sounds good too! LOL Your sushi bag is adorable and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the photo of you and the Rav gang. That said, will you e-mail me a copy of it so that I can print a copy?

The Pigeonroof is beautiful!