Wednesday, September 02, 2009

58 Years Ago..WHEW

There's no guessing who came to visit..right?
Dana came by on Thurs. before my birthday bearing these awesome gifts..She had been teasing me for a few weeks how she could not wait for my birthday and each got more intense..and knowing Dana's talents, I knew she was up to something...but look at this..can you believe how generous and good this woman is? Plus..several months ago..she gave me the greatest sock book..Socks A La Carte..and said..this is your birthday present..I was ecstatic..then she comes at my birthday with a whole other BOX FULL!
There's Socks That Rock :Fire On The Mountain(Can we sing a few verses Jerry?)
There's The Great Adirondack Yarn Co: Silky Sock Mardi Gras was being a little contrary and just let's see if this edit works..argh..I really need computer skills!
To wind this gorgeous yarn...there's a Mahogany Nostepinne(I'm working on learning this)'s such a lovely piece of work!
The Chocolate on The Brain..Notecards..with recipes on the clever is this..unless of course, there were taste strips of each dessert?..OH, there is no pix..but rest assured it was in the box..but it melted in my mouth..a wonderful Godiva Dark Chocolate Bar..Dana loves to help me with my diet..hehe!!
And Tah Dah..Meet Henrietta! Is she not the most Gorgeous Chick you've ever seen?..Look at that gal!..Dana did this all by her lonesome..Henrietta now resides by my mantle..and seems to be quite happy..and Mike who loves chickens is in love with her..he has to show her off immediately when guests come in.
Plus to keep my noggin warm this of Dana's lovely hand knit Berets..I've admired the many she has made for her relatives..all the ones she made for the Afghan project that I took to Sock Summit..and NOW..I have my very own..I will be styling this winter. case I ever fail to tell you..I love you're a great friend and you spoil me way too much..but I love it!
Thank you for your special gifts for my special day.
Stay tuned..more to come..that I have to photograph from another special lady!


Marianne said...

Heee. Talk about a BoxO'Goodies! Dana is brilliant with packing the goodies :^) Lovely yarn, gorgeous beret!, mmm Godiva... and notecards with recipes on the backs? are you going to make/bake some of them?
Henrietta is too cute! look at the little scarf/shawl! The nostepinne is a beauty, I watched a lady use one at spinning guild, she made it look so easy and I guess it will be easy in no time, practice... :^D

Diana said...

Wow! What fabulous gifts. Henrietta is very cute! Dana is a sweetheart.
Happy Birthday to you!

Dana said...

Happy Birthday and it was my pleasure! Love you too!!!