Sunday, December 27, 2009

Silent Night...Holy Night

It's been one most terrific holiday but I'm ready for a 'quiet' night at home..
Hubby is making his own creation of Seafood Chowder..he concocts the tastiest stew that compares to any I've ever had in a reputable restaurant. He uses lots of fresh Va. Oysters, clams, crab and many times shrimp but tonight because of so many oysters he's omitting the shrimp...lots of good fresh herbs, celery, onions etc..can't share more or I'll have to shoot you.
I've had some time to reflect on the past year the last days and I think to summarize it the best..I'd say, it's been 'one of the best'...I've had a better than average healthy year..I'm so happy to finally have a grasp on the allergies and asthma..can't stop the aging process, so you just make the best of it and move along.
We had a most successful festival..The Sedalia Fiber Festival that brought many enthusiast together for a day of 'sticks and yarn'...and the pleasure of working with good friends to make this well as making so many new contacts that I look forward to seeing again this year.
I had the opportunity to travel to Portland for The Sock Summit and be among the 'high rollers' of sock knitting..rub elbows with those 'in the know' and participate in some super fun events and meet some special people that remain close to me.
I feel I made a bit of progress in my knitting skills..but boy, I've got leaps and bounds to go but look forward to meeting more goals as time goes on.
I had the chance to meet Jo Watson at SS, she is the coordinator for The UK Knit Camp..I've toyed with the idea of attending this in 2010..but I can't quite make the needed commitment for that early enough to be accepted and get into I suppose I am saying I won't be going for sure...and after new security standards that will be going into place..that could be a good thing..
There is another knitting event that I hope to be able to participate in..and hubby would also go with me..I really hope this works out but it won't be until Sept. 2010..It's a 6 day cruise with the last port being a visit to Lucy Neatby's Studio.
Tomorrow..I hope to begin a normal day and restart some knitting..I have not had needles in my hands for 2 days..time is 'a'wasting'~
Be well and safe..

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Marianne said...

Mmmm, that seafood chowder sounds wonderful!
Yes, it HAS been a most eventful year, full of wonderful folks and events :^)
I'm crossing everything I can that you and Mike will be going on the cruise, sounds grand.
Yes, get some quiet, relaxing time for knitting, sounds like you've earned it.