Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ying says Dust and Clean

Gosh, I do have some time now..inhale/exhale..but no promises I will return to blogland.
It was a busy last several months but well worth every moment of time spent, every ounce of energy used and every unslept night of 'did I remember this, Call Dana on that, Did Dana ask me this or did I dream it'...but that's history now and a very good chapter it was.
Dana and I embarked on this life changing event 3 years ago as we decided with the help of friends we could save a local fiber festival that was going to be 'tossed to the dogs'..We rescued and were successful for 3 years, doubling the original vendor list as well as attendance. This year was exceptional in that we branched out a bit and had 2 well known authors/designers/knitters to join us and teach classes/sign books. We had Ann McCauley from Boulder, Co. to join us with her 2 books, trunk show and also she taught 3 different well, we had Barbara Hurd to join us from Charlottesville for a book signing..
Also on the slate we had a fantastic raffle that we offered a Drum Carder, Weaving Loom and a Spinning Wheel..3 folks left there very happy with those large items..Then we had our regular super duper raffle that grew by leaps and bounds this away lovely bags, yarn, books, pottery, etc...There was something for everyone..even me..well..actually Mike came early and bought raffle tickets and won a lovely skein of Rock Creek..which has found it's way to my stash bin.
If this doesn't capture your interest and you don't think Dana and I were excited yet..the best to come:...Marianne from Ok. and Julie from Maine joined us for this fun day. Many months ago we started talking about them coming and of course everything hinges on, travel, economy etc..but putting all that aside..these 2 glorious ladies arrived on Thurs. for Marianne and very late Fri. morn for Julie(and that's another story)..I speak for myself only when I say I can't recall when I've ever had such fun..they were just as I had pictured they would be from the years of Rav. contact and email exchanges..if we had not been so tired, I am sure we would have closed all the bars in town down..(oh wait..we did on Sat.) The time went by much too quickly in that they traveled so far and we had so little time to actually visit..but to quote a famous lady..
'We made good time'..we laughed, we laughed some more..I giggled and snorted..and during most of this my camera was tucked away in my purse..but the memories are all tucked in my heart.
Thanks for making a most memorable weekend Marianne and Julie..Let's do it again!!!!
After all of this planning and exhausting action..Dana and I woke on Sunday morning and unanimously decided we were no longer going to organize this's been draining and we both have outside lives which are mostly consumed the entire 12 months for planning.
We feel we go out in style as we have been successful and left all our vendors on a pleasing note..
We have had the opportunity to work with the best vendors in this field..they're the most supportive and generous folks I've ever met..We will miss you greatly but it will be so nice to see you from the other side of the table in the upcoming festivals.
Dana and I are turning over all of the 'road maps' to another individual at this time and we know she will keep this festival alive, add new energy and everyone will continue to enjoy being a part of.'s things in your neck of the woods..Mine just got much less busy!!


Marianne said...

DITTO!!! it was The Best! so much fun getting to spend/make good times with you, Dana, and Julie! Meeting so many other folks at the festival (woolybuns I'm lookin' at you)(just to name one :^) and what fabulous vendor folks you had!!! don't know how many times I wished I were a millionaire because I would've boosted the economy so much more ;^).
Even better than shutting down the bars was sitting together at Hurricane Hill Friday night with our sammiches and purltinis and all the giggles/laughs/snorts that ensued. Seriously Good Times Made!
I know it must be a bit of bittersweet relief to hand it over to someone, and hopefully it will all come together for them.
but... that said, I'm happy for you and Dana, just means you'll have more time for you and your families and your... obsessions ;^)
love you!

Dana said...

You said it beautifully!! What a weekend! It was a gift, no doubt about it all. :)

margene said...

It sounds like a wonderful time and a lot of work. You're amazing!!

Anonymous said...

Marianne said it all - Seriously Good Times Made! I love and miss all of you! Next time - my neck of the woods :-)

Claudette said...

You don't want to miss an invite to see the beautiful north country of Maine ! Though it was a brief
" hello " it certainly was nice to meet 2 women that have commented on many a blog. You saw the best of Virginia when you got to spend time with Dianne and Dana. What a view you got to enjoy from Hurricane Hill...Virginia is a special place.