Monday, June 07, 2010


To those that knew it was my Mom's 90th birthday celebration this'd expect I would write all about that.. I will, just not today.

It is a knitting blog..I keep telling myself this because I could easily turn it into a travel blog given the opportunity.

BUT..BUT...since I rarely post stuff I knit..because it just never stays here long..I tend to wrap and send it away as soon as it's off the needles..hoping I may catch a glimpse of it later being worn and can snap a pix..

After seeing Elisabeth at NOSO in September sporting such a lovely wrap and finding that it was indeed of her own making..I got busy and tracked her down and ordered a few skeins of her prettier than pretty yarn...I'm impressed with's just who I am..old hippies never die..they just get more weird or have more fun, whichever comes first...

I wanted to finish a shawl using her fiber before Sedalia..and I did..using a pattern that Ann McCauley shared with our Ravelry group...sad to say by the end of the day I was looking like Little Orphan Annie trying to keep my scarf on...because I was not about to tell anyone that I had lost my awesome shawl pin that Sonya had given me at I knotted up the scarf and it was about 50 ways from Sunday around my neck by the end of the day..however, it was still rich and beautiful due to it was made from Wolle's gorgeous cotton...This story has a great ending...when we(Marianne, Julie, Dana and I arrived back to our apartment), my shawl holder arrived back with us..Fortunately Marianne and Julie had rescued it from a bag that I had put it in for safe keeping during the hectic early morning putting the show together..

Part 2..I rarely order just 1 skein of when I ordered the skein for the shawl above, I also ordered a second...I decided after Sedalia and carefully checking Wolle's site to make a Saroyan using her yarn..I saw she had made one and it was I began this adventure right after getting home and settling in...a slow knit..Several times I second guessed what I was doing and shouldn't I do it differently..but no..I did not...Do I regret it..No..there are folks with slender necks that don't like alot of drapey stuff flung all around them and this is going to a thin neck I think the size will work well.. I contemplated adding more leaves in the straight section..I was fine with the 6 on the increase and decrease but I sort of thought that it may need a bit more length..When I got to the 10 recommended leaves, my fingers said..enuff..
I'm showing this with The most gorgeous shawl pin that was gifted to me by the kind, generous and loving Margene...It's a bronze heart by the awesome Romi...For those of you that know and love Margene(like I do) will know the heart has a special significance ..I wear it with more love and gratitude than you can ever know..Thank you Margene for such a special gift and I promise I will 'always' know where this one is.

I think it looks really pretty and it will make a perfect little scarf for those days when you just want a little 'pick up'...or perhaps 'get picked up'. I measured the yarn I have left and there is enough to make another...and the colors will be all different.
But for now, I'm focusing on a project of love..I'd love to get rid of some of the scraps and stash around I've started knitting panels 6"x48" and I'm going to either crochet or sew them together for a 'love blankie' for my special friend and husband Mike. We both love having our little blankies for those cooler afternoons and nights to wrap around our legs when we're sitting around..Being the wild and crazy man that he is..yep, the guy that wears pinata colored Red Heart Acrylic going to love this blanket..even without trying, I think I can make the blend rather tacky, which will just please him beyond words.

So..what's going on over on your street?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ying says Dust and Clean

Gosh, I do have some time now..inhale/exhale..but no promises I will return to blogland.
It was a busy last several months but well worth every moment of time spent, every ounce of energy used and every unslept night of 'did I remember this, Call Dana on that, Did Dana ask me this or did I dream it'...but that's history now and a very good chapter it was.
Dana and I embarked on this life changing event 3 years ago as we decided with the help of friends we could save a local fiber festival that was going to be 'tossed to the dogs'..We rescued and were successful for 3 years, doubling the original vendor list as well as attendance. This year was exceptional in that we branched out a bit and had 2 well known authors/designers/knitters to join us and teach classes/sign books. We had Ann McCauley from Boulder, Co. to join us with her 2 books, trunk show and also she taught 3 different well, we had Barbara Hurd to join us from Charlottesville for a book signing..
Also on the slate we had a fantastic raffle that we offered a Drum Carder, Weaving Loom and a Spinning Wheel..3 folks left there very happy with those large items..Then we had our regular super duper raffle that grew by leaps and bounds this away lovely bags, yarn, books, pottery, etc...There was something for everyone..even me..well..actually Mike came early and bought raffle tickets and won a lovely skein of Rock Creek..which has found it's way to my stash bin.
If this doesn't capture your interest and you don't think Dana and I were excited yet..the best to come:...Marianne from Ok. and Julie from Maine joined us for this fun day. Many months ago we started talking about them coming and of course everything hinges on, travel, economy etc..but putting all that aside..these 2 glorious ladies arrived on Thurs. for Marianne and very late Fri. morn for Julie(and that's another story)..I speak for myself only when I say I can't recall when I've ever had such fun..they were just as I had pictured they would be from the years of Rav. contact and email exchanges..if we had not been so tired, I am sure we would have closed all the bars in town down..(oh wait..we did on Sat.) The time went by much too quickly in that they traveled so far and we had so little time to actually visit..but to quote a famous lady..
'We made good time'..we laughed, we laughed some more..I giggled and snorted..and during most of this my camera was tucked away in my purse..but the memories are all tucked in my heart.
Thanks for making a most memorable weekend Marianne and Julie..Let's do it again!!!!
After all of this planning and exhausting action..Dana and I woke on Sunday morning and unanimously decided we were no longer going to organize this's been draining and we both have outside lives which are mostly consumed the entire 12 months for planning.
We feel we go out in style as we have been successful and left all our vendors on a pleasing note..
We have had the opportunity to work with the best vendors in this field..they're the most supportive and generous folks I've ever met..We will miss you greatly but it will be so nice to see you from the other side of the table in the upcoming festivals.
Dana and I are turning over all of the 'road maps' to another individual at this time and we know she will keep this festival alive, add new energy and everyone will continue to enjoy being a part of.'s things in your neck of the woods..Mine just got much less busy!!

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year..Yall!
From a favorite view of You!

Monday, December 28, 2009


Sending warm hugs and love to Judy in the loss of her Father.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Silent Night...Holy Night

It's been one most terrific holiday but I'm ready for a 'quiet' night at home..
Hubby is making his own creation of Seafood Chowder..he concocts the tastiest stew that compares to any I've ever had in a reputable restaurant. He uses lots of fresh Va. Oysters, clams, crab and many times shrimp but tonight because of so many oysters he's omitting the shrimp...lots of good fresh herbs, celery, onions etc..can't share more or I'll have to shoot you.
I've had some time to reflect on the past year the last days and I think to summarize it the best..I'd say, it's been 'one of the best'...I've had a better than average healthy year..I'm so happy to finally have a grasp on the allergies and asthma..can't stop the aging process, so you just make the best of it and move along.
We had a most successful festival..The Sedalia Fiber Festival that brought many enthusiast together for a day of 'sticks and yarn'...and the pleasure of working with good friends to make this well as making so many new contacts that I look forward to seeing again this year.
I had the opportunity to travel to Portland for The Sock Summit and be among the 'high rollers' of sock knitting..rub elbows with those 'in the know' and participate in some super fun events and meet some special people that remain close to me.
I feel I made a bit of progress in my knitting skills..but boy, I've got leaps and bounds to go but look forward to meeting more goals as time goes on.
I had the chance to meet Jo Watson at SS, she is the coordinator for The UK Knit Camp..I've toyed with the idea of attending this in 2010..but I can't quite make the needed commitment for that early enough to be accepted and get into I suppose I am saying I won't be going for sure...and after new security standards that will be going into place..that could be a good thing..
There is another knitting event that I hope to be able to participate in..and hubby would also go with me..I really hope this works out but it won't be until Sept. 2010..It's a 6 day cruise with the last port being a visit to Lucy Neatby's Studio.
Tomorrow..I hope to begin a normal day and restart some knitting..I have not had needles in my hands for 2 days..time is 'a'wasting'~
Be well and safe..

Friday, December 25, 2009


This is the Shalom Cardigan that I made my Sister for really looks very pretty on her..but look at this pretty's a Sonya@Studio 43 Original..

The reason for the neck shot of me...this is the lovely Baktus that Marianne made for me some months ago..although this isn't the first time I've was the first time the camera was handy..and the shawl pin..Mike made for me for's really very intricate if up closely but you'll just have to take my word for this, huh. I love this scarf..the colors, her handspun, her's all so beautiful! I love it and Thank you Marianne.

For the lovely scarf I was wearing yesterday..I failed to give the credit to the wonderful knitter..this came to me from my friend Judy in Portland that I met during Sock Summit I feel so lucky to have so many talented friends..Judy has probably humiliated me into cables..because I wore this yesterday and had lots of compliments and..could you make me one?...It is so elegant and I love it..Thank you Judy!

Let it be said..I do love scarves and I love wearing them..So when Marianne gives me the heads up on a new pattern..I'm quick to check it out..

I did trek out today in the pouring rain to have lunch with Mom, Sister, John and Mike..We had such a good visit and a great meal...but it was nice to get home and sit and relax a bit..Tonight I'm going to enjoy the 'lights'..

What are you doing?

Thursday, December 24, 2009

On This Eve..Christmas Blessings to You All~

I feel so blessed at this moment and just had to share a few photos..We went to MIL's..for a midday family gathering so that we could gift exchange with Candice and Family..We have a most difficult time it seems getting together for just ordinary visits but it really warms my heart when we are actually able to pull it off and get all in one place.

The perfect plan was going to happen at our house today for lunch..I was going to cook the mega meal for everyone and we'd do our visit and exchange here...but after we were covered with over a foot of snow at the end of last week..and we live off the main road..our driveway is still quite tricky even for the surefooted..and surely not for MIL who is still tiptoeing from her fall and break in B was put into action.. They would come to Grannys(MIL's) and we'd meet, visit..and then they were taking Granny out for lunch..of course we were invited also but we aren't in to eating an early we picked up Chinese carryout and moved along.

I can hardly believe how much Cameron the Grandson has grown in the last months..he's 15 and is just so dashingly handsome...not too mention he's 6'2" and has the most gorgeous reddish brown reallllllllllly curly hair..he has the most awesome curls..He had curly hair as a toddler and my all time favorite photo of him was when he was about 2 and his head was a 'mop' of loose curls...he went through years of buzz cuts and all those other cool spikey gelled up styles but he's now wearing it au natural..and it is just too darn handsome! Ashley is just as cute as a button..all petite and blond...and so into still believing in she was really on her best behavior today..but I think that's fairly normal for her...they really are 2 wonderful children..and I'm so proud to be called their Mamaw. It's not always smooth going..being a not an easy feat..especially when there's still a bitter ex in the'd think after 30+ years...she'd just get over it..but instead, she chooses to try to keep discontentment and does a really great job of it.

I'm now home with a turkey breast in the oven and as soon as it beeps that it's done..I'm going to make a chocolate truffle pie...We're supposed to go to my Moms tomorrow but..seems the weather guy may have other plans...there's an icy wintry mix in the forecast that could prohibit travel tomorrow..

Thanks to all of you wonderful people here on Ravelry that make coming to this site worthwhile and to those of you that I've met personally and virtually..I love you and wish for you a most blessed Christmas and happy healthy 2010..

Be safe and stay well~