Thursday, July 27, 2006

Happy Thursday Fellow Bloggers,
We had our last class tonight for this segment of advanced beginners..or that's my title for us...I started another Moebius..using South West Trading Company Oasis, Soy's really not quite white, but I'm not one to argue with 'the maker'..Jan did the 'killer cast on' for me to get started and I lost my sense of direction and realized midway through the second round that I was still knitting instead of purling..oh the joys of "tinking'".I was perfectly happy to make alterations to the pattern and go on but Jan said we needed to take it out..and she did so...otherwise, I'd not be blogging tonight, I'd still be "tinking"..Thank you Jan!
I've laid it to rest for the evening and have promised to not be so frantic over this one as I was the last...oh yeah..heard that one, huh?
The pictured hat was a second one I made from the pattern we used for my beginner hat. A friend in Montreal sent me the yarn and in exchange I made her a hat and scarf from another pattern...I love the colors of this one...very ME!! I will surely be the 'best hatted and scarved' of the neighborhood this fall when I walk the pup..
Maybe I will go down and...finish that 'purl' round can't
Happy Knitting...

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