Friday, July 28, 2006

TGIF...This is a photo of one of my treasured old dolls(Sealer), which was made by my husbands grandmother many years ago..and she is sporting one of my favorite hats..using..Plymouth Yarn-Encore's one of the most fun projects I've done and as you read my will see, one I've done a few times..I love hats and this one is such fun and easy to knit.
I did go back to work on the 'Marvy Moebius' last night..and argh..found I'm 4 stitches less than I need..oh well...Jan I'm sure had huge amounts of money bet that I'd be by today...the day isn't over, but I may wait and work on some other projects that I've abandoned while doing the 'fobymoby' thing.
I think I've been inspired by Dana to try some slippers...maybe even 'felting'...OH MY!! that would feel good on 'ones footsies'....
Good weekend to all..Happy Knitting!!

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Blue Ridge Knittery said...

TGIF - - you're right. You've made a wonderful hat Dianne and I covet that beautiful doll as well! You'll enjoy, I'm sure, the toasty slippers. My husband was grumbling last week about the time I was spending on knitting, but then, I handed him his pair of slippers and not another word has been said since! That's the honest truth. I'm going to make him a hat, stash it, and the next time he whines, it'll be ready for him. Have a great weekend.