Monday, July 31, 2006

I know you were expecting to see a finished Moebius..but I got to round 15...and had a small glitch...SO I had this triangular scarf on the back burner for weeks...needing my attention,'s not a total waste of good 'knit time'..
I made this with Ariel and Karabella Lace Mohair...afraid the picture doesn't do justice, can see the nice's like Christmas shopping in July...another one done!!~It isnt a fast knit for me using the 2 ...but then, I'm a bit slow
I've started another using another Ariel and Karabella..only different colors.
Happy Knitting!

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Blue Ridge Knittery said... is all of your work! I'm really looking forward to finishing off the Christmas knitting and then attempting to make something lovely like your mobeius [sic] or triangular scarf. Again, it's fabulous. Dana