Friday, July 21, 2006

WOW!! I am so pleased with the finished product! I started it 3 weeks ago last night and I've worked to some degree daily...of course unless it was a weekend and I had made a huge 'booboo' and needed Jan's expertise to direct me out of the rut...which happened once or 8
It's called a Moebius and I used South West Trading Company's Phoenix 100% Soy Silk...and the color is Napa Valley.
I whined and moaned quite a bit during the knitting process, but all in all..I can't truly say it was overly difficult..but tedious at times...So of course, I now can't wait to start a second one...haha My husband says I have to keep this I'm quite guilty of giving away most of what I've knitted...I think he's right...*this time...It really is very stunning!!
I'm also currently working on a triangular scarf for a gift...I need to focus on that again now that I've met this last challenge.
To all fellow knitters and bloggers...Have a great weekend!~~

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