Friday, August 04, 2006

Yeah, it's Friday!!...oh wait, I'm retired and it's Friday every day!!
The pix today is a childs hat made from Big Mexiko/Sundown...really cute for a child. It's another Christmas gift for the 'treasure chest'... I bought MORE yarn today for other projects...and I have other items in progress...nothing real exciting at the moment...just a scarf or 6 and another hat.
I wasn't able to attend the new classes last night because of other committments and I knew I was going to be away next week, so I hope to get back on schedule in a few weeks. I'm quite interested in trying to do some socks..I've had a sock fetish for all my adult life and it looks like some of the patterns I've seen could help with that addiction~~the wilder the sock, the better I like them! I was a 'wild sock child' before wild socks were the rage!! Happy Knitting and have a safe weekend!!


Blue Ridge Knittery said...

The hat is precious and Mobeius II is phenomenal! I giggled when I read your post...socks are calling me too and I think it'd be a lot of fun to see a self-patterning sock be knitted up. I like the fact that it's something of a mystery until it's finished. Let's talk Jan into a Thursday evening sock class. What do you think???

jan said...

I can't believe it!
I was feeling quite guilty for not keeping up on my blog and now mine is more recent than yours!
And Dana is right. Knitting socks is self-patterning yarns is totally cool.
Thursday night socks?