Saturday, December 02, 2006

Welcome December!!

Another Christmas present complete..
although I've not yet done much mall shopping or online ordering..I've kept the needles fairly busy..this is made from SWTC Phoenix Soy Silk/Candy...well how appropriate is that??? Being the chocolate lover that I am...this sucked me right in!! It was a really fun knit..went quickly and turned out quite's all laundered and ready to wrap/bag.
I also completed this 'gal'...she's made with SWTC Bamboo/Intensity...she looks and feels absolutely fantastic...
soft but rich!! Another Christmas pressie...and both have a bit of yarn left over..the mind is actively churning with possibilities for the remaining 'stash'...
I have an awesome scarf..very male going as well as a stocking cap...another scarf and a new dishcloth...OH...and another Moebius...and 2 more skeins ready to be cast on...Where will it end...I can only ends with the bind off...Happy Knitting to all!!~~~


Blue Ridge Knittery said...

Oooohhhh Ahhhhh....I love the new photos of you, Mike & Nik. Your blog looks wonderful.

Your SWTC projects are gorgeous, as always, and I'm looking forward to seeing a photo of the manly scarf. I will knock at your door for that pattern post-holidays. :) Which one is the massage exchange or have you done that yet?

Have you seen the apple dishcloth pattern yet? It's adorable. I used Tahki for my last cloth and it flew off the needles; super easy knit up.

As for soap, Dianne, melt & pour, baby, melt & pour. It doesn't get any easier and the "fillers," lemongrass and lavender, can be purchased at The Well. (Of course the family will be told that I slaved over the stove using real lye and other explosives). Hee hee hee

Dianne said...

Thank you Dana..My Best Cheerleader!! The manly scarf..haha..well, it's really just some garter/purl, but the yarn is quite masculine..and is knitting up nicely.
The massage exchange has been done and gone..I just need to go lay down and let her pay me:)
I have seen and done the apple(my 1st one)..I love it BUT I've not done it with Tahki...YUM!! I love when it flows..I've also done an 'Illusion kitty one'..anchor, dog, cat, LOVE, VA, Squirrel, Lighthouse,snowflake..and I'm currently doing a Family one..which I can't wait to see some pattern get started. When I get bored for cloths, I google dish cloth patterns..and BOOM!!
Trust me..these are the best gifts you can one is ever unhappy with them. I have a neighbor that would buy them faster than I can knit them..which isn't very fast, so I could not feed the
Keep me entertained with your's great eye therapy!! Hugs!!~~