Sunday, December 17, 2006

Twas The "Knit-wit" Before Christmas

It must be the pre holiday blahs but I have nothing of significance to post a pix of...or maybe it's because..being the 'knitwit' that I am...I screwed up what may have been a lovely
Geesh...I already had my title planned for this entry to be 'Bowled Over'...I spent most of Friday knitting away on a nice, easy bowl pattern that I was going to 'felt' first 'felt'...WELL..duh me..I completed the knitting process..and it was truly one of my best 'hats' I was so excited to do the felting...I raced downstairs early Sat...and loaded the washer,with knitted hat and even found some jeans I didn't care if they shrunk or not..and headed back upstairs to bake..mistake #1..but as it turns out, that really didn't bother this process. I ran up and down the stairs repeatedly resetting the washer so that it would not spin..BUT lo and behold as I was putting 2 cakes in the oven I heard the dreaded spin cycle and literally jumped down the stairs to rescue my 'felt'..WELL..even the novice I am..could tell I still had a 'hat'..with most obvious stitches showing...hmm..grrrr...At this point I decided to stop the process and took the 'knitted piece' outside on the porch..(a spring like day) and left to dry lying on the picnic table..still not figuring out where I screwed up..
After I baked another 2 cakes I decided I needed a trip to LYS..and casually mentioned I had attempted to felt ..and she asked what I had happens she still had a skein of on the shelf..and she looks at me as she looks at the yarn..and need WOOL!!...ok..I won't type what I said..but it was 4 -lettered!! Why did I not remember this?...well, as I went back to the pattern I was really don't need 100% wool...but I guess it did not mean 25% either lol..yes, I am able to laugh at my stupidity..because I learned from it..and the 'bowl' a lovely Jackie O pillbox hat at the moment..haha!! So..I'm not bowled knitwit attempt at felting ~~but you can take this to the bank..when I felt next will be WOOL..I was so in hopes of having this 'gorgeoumous' bowl to brag about over the will happen, just later!!
I think I finished all the mandantory knitting for the holidays and am now working on some 'comfort knitting'..some dishcloths and a 'snood'..nothing that has to be complete and if will find a home.
Last Sunday BlueRidgeKnittery hosted the 2nd Stitch and Bitch at her home..there were 4 of us and it was such a nice time...and honest..we didn't do much of the latter..but such a fun visit with some lovely ladies...a lovely hostess that shared her knitted stash as well as some of her 'tried and trusted' patterns...and sent us home with how much better does it get?
One of the ladies will be joining me in the sock class in 2007..I'm so excited.
MOTH(Man Of The House) has asked what I would like for Christmas..I said 'socks'..however I don't think he is yet thinking in the 'knit way of socks' so I'm sure I will get SOCKS from Macy's..instead of yarn to make my own..he will learn I am sure..he usually catches on quickly but I think he's intimiated by the actual selecting of maybe there will be a 'shopping spree' at LYS..or another place that has all those items I yearn for~~
Here's wishing all that visit my blog a Joyous Holiday..hoping you all find something 'knitworthy' in your stockings...Happy New Year!~~


Blue Ridge Knittery said...

Oh Dianne...I was so sorry to read that your felting didn't felt, but please don't be discouraged by it. My gaff was when I ignored gauge and yarn weight and knitted a pair of slippers with two strands of bulky wool tweed. What should've been a size 8 woman's slipper is, in all honestly, a size 14-15 men's slipper (and that's after felting/shrinking!).

I too enjoyed our SnB and getting together. I love those Sundays and thank you again for the incredible mobieus! It thrilled/thrills me straight to my toes and I feel like the Queen of Sheba while wearing it.

I found (and fell in love with) Peaches & Creme. I went to Walmart as you and LW suggested and bought a cone of the ecru. The two cloths on my blog are from that purchase. Now here's a little something for The makers of P & C have their own website and online store. It turns out that Peaches comes in a ton of different colors, both solid & varigated (FYI).

I really like your acronym, MOTH. I don't doubt that he'll do well at Christmas (put it this way, my completely oblivious MOTH figured it out, and I have no doubt that Mike is waaaay ahead of him). ;) Have a warm & wonderful Christmas and I'll see you soon.

Dianne said...

hehe..'what doesn't 'felt makes us stronger'..I'm not at all discouraged..anytime I learn..I feel blessed!!
I'm so delighted you still enjoy Sahara(Mobieus)..I failed to photograph her..because I was finishing her up with the snarled up yarn(the soy does that) in the late and when you've the time, I'd love to see a pix..
Thanks for the website..on P/C..I have a one can never have too much. I just finished a dishcloth using the Fiesta makes me want to 'salsa''s so pretty..and I used a simple pattern that I could just relax and KNIT!!..I plan to slide into the holidays with relaxing more counting!!
Happy Holidays Dana..and I am certain "Moth" will do well on your end~~

Blue Ridge Knittery said...

Serendipity...that's what it is, absolute serendiptity. My kids, as you know, are half-Arab. Each child has American and an Arab identity...two birth certificates, two passports et al. "Alexander Edward" vs. "Skander" and get this..."Andriana Jeffers" vs. Sahar. You gave me a Sahara and I have a Sahar. I was meant to adore that mobieus. ;) I will definitely photograph it and forward the copies to you asap (tonight).

Blue Ridge Knittery said...

P.S. I saw that Fiesta Ombre online and went "ahhhh". I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what you knit up with it!