Saturday, January 20, 2007


After checking my inventory of sock yarn and other yarns, I believe I have enough to get through a few days of nasty weather..but nothing as foul as some of you have been having. We're forecasted for snow tomorrow..but so far their 'batting average' isn't so good. It seems to be that every time they say we are certain to have snow either just doesn't happen or we get freezing's not printable how I feel about freezing ranks up there with toothaches, ear aches and meddling mother in laws...none of which I have experience with.

I have made 'good time' on Sock 1 ..lesson 3 is this week ..I can hardly wait to have 1 complete sock..I may just wear Sock 1 with Sock 2..until I can complete a pair....

But..just to keep the sock energy going, I've started a 3rd sock..and I'm about ready to toss in the 'sock towel, needles and the entire kitten kaboodle''s been a nightmare..I love the yarn that I chose, it's a South West Trading Co. Tofutsies and it's 50% Superwash wool, 25% Soysilk Fibers, 22.5% Cotton and 2.5% Chitin..Chitin being a fiber from shrimp and crab shells..can't wait to have fishy feet!! For starters, when you pay $18+ for a skein of yarn to make 1 pair of should be perfect, flawless...and within the first 2 rows of my ribbing..there comes a huge knot..a very poorly tie on..BUT I was already having mucho problemas before this..because I'd purchased another set of dpns..for this project..and it was the last pair that LYS had..and how I wish she still had them..Have you ever tried knitting with a large splinter?..well, this is what I've encountered...I know they're defective and I kept thinking I could sand it down..I whittled..too no avail..still snagging the then a dear knit sister suggested I try a light coat of clear nail I did this..again, it's no better..and I keep struggling trying to 'save the sock'...I know you 'true sockers' would have ripped this sucker out by now and started over...but I sllllllllowwwlyyyyyyyyyy insert the needle hoping not to snag more just to have a knit fix..and this is...that Sock 3..the one that has driven me to drink, curse and nearly swear off socks.
Here's wishing a HUGE Happy Birthday to Ms. Gracie!!
and Happy Knitting to all~~


Dee said...

I had that SAME problem with TOFUtsies. I had two tie-on knots and an area that was mis-spun. I've written them an email, but so far no response back.

Hang in there though. The sock feels REALLY nice once you get going.

As for the needles -- I had the same problem and kept sanding with an emery board. Eventually it all smoothed out. Hope it works for you too.

Dianne said...

Thanks for the encouragement..I'm afraid if I continue to sand..I'm going to 'whittle away'..I really think defective and I am returning, just NOT until she has more I can work my socks onto..but it is continuing to occasionally snag the yarn..and I hold my breath..I've used quite a bit of SWTC yarn previously..and never found this quality...I'm not pleased with that one bit!!..or 1 stitch~~Happy Knitting..and thanks for stopping by!

Marianne said...

Dianne, it truly sounds like the Sock Fates are just testing your mettle, be dauntless! I wouldn't advise going so far as...say, laughing in their faces...but do just be dauntless.
I had read in Dee's blog the other day about that same yarn having knots (yech) and I hope you write them also. For that kind of money, I'm just saying. Otherwise, I really like the way it looks, it's very pretty yarn.
That needle! yikes! dare I ask what brand?

Thank you so much, on Gracie's behalf, for her birthday wishes. Her other grandpa had called her to wish her happy birthday and asked her how old she which she replied "18" , you could hear my son's 'screams' across town. heh.

Good luck with the weather, we somehow dodged the snow bullet on this last round, just rain, thank goodness, hopefully the ice concrete will be melting away soon.

Michelle said...

Looking good so far, despite your "difficulties"!! I'm so jealous of your knitting abilities!! I can't wait to get to that point too!

Robin said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog...we are practically neighbors! I'm in Salem...and if you are ever in the neighborhood on the first Thursday of the month come by the Salem Library for Knit/Spin night! I know it's a commute and completely understand if you don't want to make the drive! Your LYS is one of my favorites! I was thinking the other day I need to make a trip to see Jan!

Blue Ridge Knittery said...

The socks are beautiful and you're right, at that price, the yarn should be one unbroken strand. Hopefully new DPNs' are already ordered and you can simply slip your stitches onto the new needles and be done.

Have a great class today! :) Dana

Dee said...

Hey Diane,

I wrote an email to soysilk about the problem with the TOFUtsies. You may want to do the same.

They were very generous in their reply.

Marianne said...

Dianne, thanks for stopping by, we've not been married 36 years, that's how long we've known each other though. He really is a sweetie. Seriously, a feather could've knocked me over last night. :)