Saturday, January 27, 2007

Ready for Class 4 seems like it's taken forever to reach this point ..and at this rate...go to the back of the line and take a number as you wait for your pair of

I've done all the necessary knitting and am ready for the dreaded 'kitchener' stitch..I suppose ignorance is bliss because I have no clue why I dread it, since I've never done it..but it has the word 'kitchen' in it..maybe that's why it causes such a panic in people..I will find out on Tues.

Mean while I will try to get sock 1 of pair this point..and sock 1 of pair still out there in limbo..waiting for a name.

It's been most interesting to try to work on 3 different yarns for the socks..and all are at different degrees of doneness...I think my favorite knit so far is 'Claudias'..I really loved the Austermanns Step..until it started doing whacky stuff...and I say beware of it!! This particular skein has caused me much duress as well as should see him as he wears the yarn around his neck in an effort to help me get the knots out of comes out in copious bunches of loopy knots..I've threatened to cut it off..cut my losses..and tie it together...but MOTH..being a bit more patient than Moi...gently finds the source of my discontent and gets me back on track.

I suppose socks have not been a smooth learning experience for me..I've bought yucko needles that were like splinters, I've gotten reject yarn..but I've had a great instructor and knit partner...and with our team effort..I've created a 'SOCK'..I hope it will have a partner in the near future..
Many thanks to all my strong sock've given me the inspiration to look for ...light at the end of the tunnel..'THE TOE'
Happy Weekend to all..and Happy Knitting~~


Marianne said...

Toes...not hard.....a bit fiddly at first but not hard...
The Sock Fates really are testing you, but you just show them, just wait until you get to WEAR your socks. You'll bitchslap, er, tell those Fates to 'move along', get out of your way, more socks to knit. :)

Blue Ridge Knittery said...

Way to go Marianne! Dianne, if what Marianne wrote isn't raving encouragement, then I don't know what is. :)

Being my usual "bass-ackwards" self, I found the kitchener stitch the easiest part of the whole darn process (so easy, in fact, that I did at home and thought, 'This was too easy!', took it to LYS to make sure I had done it right and Jan confirmed it). You'll do absolutely fine tomorrow!

Congratulations on your first completed (well, almost)sock!!!