Monday, January 15, 2007

Austermann Sock

Just a quick entry and pix of the beginning of another sock...hmm...wonder if I will ever have a match to either...I've had a sock fetish since I was a teen...always loved socks..the brighter, bolder and weird...the better...needless to say..I've got some yarn shopping to do too achieve this...these are a bit subtle for this 'old' gal!!

I love the way this knits's quite an easy knit and I like the pattern...provided they're finished by mid Feb., they will be a gift for a special friend for her birthday...

I hope all of you guys that are being snowed on, iced on...without electricity etc...are keeping safe...and at least have some 'good knit' going on.

It was 73 degrees here yesterday and near 70 again today...I think a cool down is coming tomorrow but...snow doesn't look promising.

Stay safe..warm and happy knitting!!~~


Marianne said...

Look at you go! All I can say is...
Welcome to the Dark Side!
I'm with you, the 'thing' with the socks, of course I came by it naturally, got it from my mom, and I have been generous in that my daughter has 'it' too....and now Gracie! We loves us some yummy socks!
BTW? I'm really loving these new ones you've started!

Dianne said...

What can I say..I have better taste in selecting yarn than my 'SIS'(lol)..she gave me the Claudias for Christmas and I love it, but I'd have selected something a bit...'bolder' and vibrant. I bought another skein of this yesterday(a blue/grey blend) and will put MOTH on my 'if he's a good boy list'~~We will have the best dressed feet in town..
I also have a granddaughter(3)..who is quite into socks and she will no doubt benefit from 'Mamaw's kntting.
Happy Knitting~~

Blue Ridge Knittery said...

ACK! I leave for a long weekend, come back and am promptly blown away by your socks! You and LW rock at this!! The Austermann is GORGEOUS and the colors are really great. If you don't mind, I'd love a chance to hold it in my hands and see it in person. The photo is great, but I'm sure the real thing is even better. Awesome knitting D!