Saturday, January 13, 2007

Yes, Size does matter...when making socks!!

Ok folks..bear with me here a moment...I've never ever been one to involve myself with conversations of size importance..BUT..after it taking me 5 days to achieve 6" has become quite an issue with me:...SOCKS I mean...I thought I could just whip that 6" out and be done in a day...boy was I wrong!! Then I became rational and said...I'll do an inch per day..that too became a then I thought...let this be fun, do what you feel today I finished the necessary 6"...for the first class...not too mention I went to LYS..and bought 2 more skeins of sock yarn...for future socks...I feel the addiction.

I want to try to start another one tomorrow on my own...not sure how far past cast on I will get..but that will be an accomplishment.

Marianne, Thanks for your wisdom and really is fun...just 'not making good time'..YET..

We're fortunately not getting any of the blizzards or storms some of you folks are getting..instead we had 60 degree temps...which is very unusual for us here in the foot of The Blue Ridge Mountains. We've hardly had cold weather...there is some 'iffy' stuff for about mid week but it will probably be rain.

Be safe and happy knitting!!~~


Marianne said...

Oh hey, Look at you go! I giggled when I read you had bought more sock yarn....and just wait, you think knitting them can be addictive, wait til you put them on your feet, yep.
I really am just so proud of you. All the mansocks I make I do tend to make the leg part at least 6 inches (gigglesnort) but for womansocks I tend to not make them that long, I'm just saying.....leg/ankle length, it's all relative and ok, you may not think you're making good time yet but really, you are..making.good.time. right? it's good time...and you are making it.
Cheers! (the 'city' is pretty much shut down and I've not been out the door all weekend except to retrieve the paper from the walkway)

Dianne said...

I could send you a bit of our was 73 today..very unusual for our area...
I don't know all the measurement stuff yet..guess that will come in another lesson, however..I have 'healthy size' feet and long legs..MOTH and I can wear the same shoes, although he's not been seen wearing my
I did cast on another pair today and have almost finished the yes, going faster for sure..I'm definitely a kinesthetic learner here. SO..yes I am 'making.good.time'..because I am definitely enjoying!!
Thanks for the kind words..and Happy Knitting..Be safe in your ' I love that weather...I miss the winters we used to have..

Marianne said...

Yes! that's exactly what I mean when I say 'make good time' and it truly sounds like you are too.
I love snow, several inches of really hard as rock ice stuff not so much.
SIGH....long legs.....sigh....lucky!