Thursday, May 03, 2007

I'm The Cats Meow..and they all know it!

And they think I don't know~..My Mom will be going away for a few days so I will write for her as she is preparing for her trip. I found these this I know it's soon...and if I knew exactly when, I'd run away ...I've done that before..make them come looking for me..and maybe make them late for their flight..hehe That would fix them..huh?

You see...they do this a few times every year and they think I'm totally unaware of the goings on...they bring those canvas thingies out and start putting their belongings in them..and next thing I know..I find myself in a metal cage going 'to camp'...or so they's more like going to hell...I've heard My Mom on the phone with them when she calls to make reservations..and I know what they say about me..and it's all because I bit one of them once..only once, I swear..well, I did rip her pants too..but she should not have been trying to cuddle me..I'm not a cuddler! They treat me like a common prisoner once there..putting this sign..BEWARE on my cage...DO NOT ENTER..well how the heck am I going to bite anyone if they're too afraid to even open the door...geesh..such whimps they are!! They come at meal time and throw my bowl of friskies in..and that's about it..They do give me the deluxe suite there at this 'camp'..because my Mom asked them to try to make it comfortable for me..well it's NOT..and I DON'T want too go...why can't my Mom and Dad go some place where I can go along instead of getting on that darn airplane and flying off to some stupid destination where they can't even drink the water...and I'm pretty sure they don't speak the language..

PLUS..they're taking that aggravating brother of mine too..thank God..I don't have to share a room with him..or I'd fix him...He's so big and hairy..and he chases me..well... I do growl and curse him..but that's no excuse for him to chase after me...he's huge...he looks like a COW! But when he goes in..they all go goo goo over he's some sort of's ...'oh're so sweet!'..'come here you nice boy!'..I'd like to get my claws in that nice boys face...just once!...he'd get over that 'I'm a pretty boy syndrome' really quick.

And this knitting stuff...if that isn't some sort of bull..she has all this yarn..and I know darn well there's plenty that I could have at least one ball of my very own..but it's always...'no can't play with that scarf'...well, how do I know it's a looks like some strings tied together...just a few minutes in that room she calls her 'stash room'....oh...what fun!

Ooopps..I hear my Mommy coming, I better go have more friskies so I can build up my stamina for the days ahead.

Happy Knitting~~


Nikki said...

Hang in there, Fred! Your folks will be back before you know it and you'll be home again all happy :)

Dana said...

Poor, poor Fred! I can tell that you are routinely starved, abused and neglected in general...NOT! Have a great trip Dianne. :)

Marianne said...

Wow, Fred, you're like totally bitchy, eh? I kinda like that in a puss....
Seriously Fred, I realize it'll feel like forever in 'hell', honestly, I DO understand...hang in there sweet bitchy one, they'll be back soon...then you'll get that 'free day' to torment the hell out of THEM! hee hee.
(hey, psst, try and get on the pc, we can email each other)

Michelle said...

i hope you made it through the week sources told me those mean people are on their way back and will take you home soon!