Tuesday, May 01, 2007

All my bags are NOT packed..and I'm NOT ready to go...

hmm..how do I say this..I lied!! I had such good intentions of packing today but it just hasn't happened YET..and I don't see it happening today.

I had some other 'pressing duties' to take care of..such as 'ironing'...so now that all the things I've ironed are ready to pack so they can wrinkle..maybe I'll pack Thurs..that's closer..then I won't have much more time to backpedal.

I did get the suitcase out and I mentally know which clothes I am putting in there..so a part of the battle is over..see I feel I have to justify my procrastination because Linda will be expecting me to say..I'm all packed..and she knows how I feel about that procrastination...etc...'wink'

The weather was so nice today that I also felt I should try to introduce my lily whites to the sunshine before getting the whammo sun I get once there...so with that being said..I'm almost ready to pack, have a little glow from the sun, clothes are pressed..and my final trip for batteries etc to Walmart has been taken care of.

My last post I shared with you the gorgeous scarf that was gifted me..and it inspired me to make one for one of my friends we will be meeting next week..I could not duplicate as much as I would like too..because my LYS doesn't carry Noro..so I chose Koigu..and it did lovely..and the colors are much nicer for my friend Patti..I will show you:>>>>

I haven't photographed yet, but I was also the lucky recipient of a pair of Dana's Clogs...wow..too die for..I love them!! Thank you! Thank You!!

And just to fill some space because I don't know when I will blog again..but for those of you that I email regularly, you will hear from me, provided I can get access to one of the house computers.

This is a dress I bought to take with me..I've decided it looks better on the rack than on me..so I will be carrying it to dinner...lol

I also found some incredible bargains on linen pants..yep..ironed them..can't change the stripes on this old tiger...gotta have them pressed!

Everyone be safe..and Happy Knitting and Spinning!!


Nikki said...

very pretty scarf! Very pretty dress!! You're gonna have so much fun!

be careful and all that good "travel" stuff! :)

Dana said...

Ahhhh...Koigu scarf. That's soooo nice and what a great gift! I've been admiring that brand for months.

I love the dress and think you would look fantastic in it with you "sun-kissed" skin and dark hair. The rack cannot be better.

I hope you and MOTH have a wonderful and fun trip! You will be missed!

Robin said...

LOVE that scarf!! LOVE Koigu!

Marianne said...

Hey Dana, hahahaha, 'rack' and I'm betting that dress looks more than lovely on your rack, Dianne...ok, so I CAN be juvenile...
The koigu scarf is beautiful! Hopefully we'll get to see it with its giftee?
I slip my feet into my Dana Clogs every morning and depending on my day...if I get to stay home, while I'm inside they are on my feet, my feet are so happy....I'm so tickled that you have Dana Clogs now, perhaps your feet and mine could email about the wonders of the Dana Clogs!

Have a fabulous time, wear your sunscreen....and have a few beverages of your choice for me!

Dianne said...

Thanks Ladies!!