Saturday, June 30, 2007

Let's Talk About EYE CANDY

There is nothing better for an ailing woman than to see a handsome man!...A Handsome Gentleman..even!..One with a beautiful accent that kisses her hand as he meets her!...YES...This man does exist..and he is the mate to my dear friend Dana...What a Sweetheart he is!!
I was on the phone with a friend this evening and I heard this voice that I didn't recognize..with a very awesome accent..I looked up to see this incredibly handsome man ..and he was looking for...My Mother/Me...He was so he was asking the lady in the bed next to Mom...if she was my Mom..and if her daughter then..I'm knowing this voice belongs to Mohamed..Dana's I end my phone call..(what woman would not..when she sees a handsome man with an accent in a uniform)..DUH!!..and I introduce myself..**Dana, I fully understand how you fell in love with this man..he is just totally charming!! I felt like I had known him all my life after a simple introduction and the way he greeted my Mother was just totally heartwarming..I dare say..many men have kissed her hand upon being introduced..she was just totally 'charmed'..Thank you for sharing ..and for him to take the time to come visit...
It truly made her day...because she was a bit sad due to the fact my Sis had left a Prince to the rescue saved the day.
Dana..You have a wonderful family...and I feel so blessed to be a friend of're made of 'good stuff'...
I look forward to seeing you on Mon..
This has been a bit of a challenge this far SO good..I left Mom alone for the first time far no calls..and it's 11 p.m...I had a hard time breaking away but I do realize that part of her therapy should be to become independent once again...and she can't do this with me sleeping at the foot of her bed...Her roommate is a lovely lady..although she's probably less mobile than Mom...but her hearing is better than she will keep me posted if anything is less than kosher...I think she likes to see me when I get the attack face on....she benefits as well.
Happy 4th to everyone..Be safe! Happy Knitting!!


Nikki said...

AW, that's so sweet and very thoughtful!!

I'm sure it was very hard to leave your Mom tonight but I'm proud of you. You're being a Very Good daughter!

Oh, and can Mohamed come to on the field trip to Vista foods with us? :)


Marianne said...

Hee.....I'm thinking 'MMMMmmmm' also....lucky Dana! Lucky you and your Mom! And let's face it, lucky Mohamed!
I hope all went well last night (I'm writing this Sunday morning) and I'm not at all surprised that your Mom's roommate is glad to be in that room...I'd like to see that expression on your face also, directed at guilty rock SO very hard!
Mmmmmmmm.......lucky lucky!

Dana said...

LMSO! The funny thing, Dianne, that I didn't get to tell you this morning was Mohamed described meeting you and your mother as well. To paraphrase him, he said that you and your mother were very elegant, very nice and lovely - - (EYE CANDY in your own rights!). :)

I printed your blog and Mohamed will be delighted to read that he cheered up your mother. I'm sure he'll be stopping back on his Saturday/Sunday nights there.

Glad to read that you're getting some rest and a chance to sleep in your own bed. It sounds like everything is going well and I'm soooo happy for the both of you.

Happy 4th to you too.

P.S. Nikki - - Mohamed works for Kroger and ergo, avoids grocery shopping like the plague. Come on by the house - - I'll drool over your wheel and you can drool over the hubby. Deal? ;)

Nikki said...

Dana, that sounds like a very workable deal! And having done my teenaged grocery store requirement, I do understand!

Marianne said...

Oh, now just hold on a ding dang minute...Dana? is there something, anything...I have you might want to drool over? I'm wanting to get in on some drooling, I loves me a good drool.

Dana said...

I'll drool over your garden & fiber stash! We can make this work. ;) XOXOX

P.S. Dianne - - Mohamed was touched (very, very touched) by your blog!