Sunday, July 22, 2007

Short and Sweet...So SWEET

It's been a while since I've blogged and I have so much that needs to be photographed in the way of new yarn, gifted yarn...beautiful yarn, but I haven't had the time to take photos of it..I even have a NEW gifted ball winder...which I have no photo of..but thanks go out to my wonderful knitterly friends for providing me with so many gifts of fiber and the needed accessory to make the fiber usable. Dana and Linda have both gifted me with beautiful yarns for no reason other than...they're just 'GOOD People'...and Linda went a step further and gifted me a ball winder because she felt I was never going to take the leap to buy one..and with this winder...she gave me YARN...not just yarn..but homespun YARN...which is just too beautiful for words.

I think this is what the knitterly world does when their knitterly partners have uncontrollable stuff happening in their lives...this keeps them on an even 'knit cycle'...which I for one can't see disturbing.

Today was the "Icing on the Cake"...Linda, Dana and Nikki came to the hospital to visit with my Mom and knit with me...OH it gets better...Dana prepared lunch and brought it. They presented this to me that we would have a Stitch & Bitch at the first I was apprehensive because Mothers room was quite small...but the large room Gods smiled on us and a private room came available on there was room for a knitting/lunch social.

Dana prepared a wonderful lunch...quiche(2 types-spinach and mushroom) crab dip and crackers, grapes and a wonderful blueberry pound cake. I will admit I have not been able to eat hospital food as much as I try to encourage my Mother she must eat it...The Quiche was awesome, the fellowship was just too wonderful for words..I love you Gals!

There were gifts...Linda gifted my Mom with some candies, mints, note cards and stationery..and some tissue also gifted me with some sock yarn...some awesome Fortissima, that I just love the colors of..I can't wait to catch up on making socks with my Sock Stash...I know the time will come...this is just temporary.

Then..There were more gifts...Our BlogSister Marianne had sent a gift via Dana for Linda and Nikki..her famous Stitch Markers...and boy were they ecstatic...of course my camera wasn't out of the bag in time for the initial opening but I do have a shot of them after they had drooled over them for a while....Marianne...your presence was felt..You're one of us..I think you're a Virginian by Virtue(I've heard that's a good thing)

I'm sorry if I forgot something...the most important thing was the love I felt being with you gals, sharing something I enjoy and your being warm, gentle and caring enough to come into my Mothers room and spend this time...She truly enjoyed...Ms. Payne was so pleased to have been invited over and said she had so many questions she would love to ask about spinning but didn't know quite what to ask and would love to see you gals with your wheels some day...

Thank you Dana, Linda, Nikki and Marianne for making such a special gave me a boost I surely needed and even if Mom nodded...she was still there with us and enjoyed your company...she bragged to all her other visitors about our knit fest.

Happy Knitting and Spinning..Thank you for the wonderful reprieve and your visitation, knitting and friendship means the world to me.


Marianne said...

I am so happy for you, what a great day! Your Mom looks GREAT! Give her a nuzzle for me. In fact, everyone looks great! Hi ya'll!
And I'm really glad to know that Ms.Payne was able to join in on the fun of the day!
You really are the Sweethearts of Virginia and dude, I am honoured and SO very pleased to be Virginian by Virtue!
love you!

Marianne said...

I was looking at the photos again, just smiling away and hey, Nikki, you little wild woman, is that a tattoo I see on your right ankle?
dudette! cool.

Robin said...

Oh how WONDERFUL! I'm glad you had such a fantastic fibery day! You deserve your own special day!

Faren said...

So glad you got to have some fun, I bet you really brought some cheer into the room!

Nikki said...

Marianne - yes it is. Remind me sometime and I'll send you better pictures :)

Ya know, I'm still just about speechless :) I really did have a great time and it was wonderful seeing you and Linda again and finally getting to meet Dana!

Dana said...

It was my pleasure (and I really do mean it)! LOL It was great to sit around, knit, laugh, meet Nikki and just be together. I'm glad that everyone enjoyed it 'cause I know I certainly did.
We'll do it again very soon. XOXOXOX