Thursday, August 23, 2007


I was going to do a huge post and show you lots of goodies..but instead..I am going to keep you in suspense and show you 1 item at a time...The selection process will be done in no order ..strictly in how they were downloaded into my here's the first one: It's from that gorgeous, sexy and most talented...not too mention superb blogger Marianne...she gifted me this.
It's just truly breathtaking!! It's Peace Fleece...Now I feel I can knit with the 'Big Gurls'...I never had Peace Fleece before but I must tell you...come this winter my 'soles' will be warmed by this beautiful blend of Fibery Goodness..In addition, she sent me this most fragrant handmade soap and lotion that makes your hands feel like silk..or cotton..either way...they feel like men will be fighting to hold them and the yarn won't be screaming when I hold it...Marianne...thank you from the bottom of my seems that everyone has at some point been blessed with some of Mariannes goodies..whether it be her warm, tender words of good hope...or her legendary stitch markers...I've been fortunate..I have had both..NOW..I have Peace Fleece..

A quick note on my Mom..for all of you that have been so kind and considerate in your warm thoughts and prayers...She has hit yet another snag...She is once again dealing with C-Diff...Tues. morning I started noticing some symptoms and mentioned to the staff...they of course thought I was overreacting and of course they didn't want to think it was possible, but by Tues. evening I insisted on them doing a stool analysis....on Wed. about noon, much to their chagrin...they came to tell me she had tested positive we're off with yet another round of antibiotics, back in isolation and dealing with the fact that this is life long. I have come to realize in the last 12 hours that I can't handle this alone...that I can't continue to live there 20-24 hours a day..even though she isn't happy when I leave..even for a few hours..I have gotten someone to start tomorrow to give me some relief for a few hours a day...and I am still trying to wean her off of someone being there overnight and letting the nursing staff do what they're paid for..quite handsomely, I might add.

Thank you MS. K..for organizing the project for the Miners in Utah..I have finished 1 square and midway a 2nd..I'm not sure how many I will complete...but they are all done with the utmost love and compassion for those families that have lost their loved ones.

So...with all this being said..Happy Knitting, Spinning and huge hugs of thanks to all of you.


Julie said...

I am sorry to hear your mom is having such a tough time, but I'm glad to hear that you have found someone to help you out. You NEED to have some time away from it all; if you don't take time for yourself, you'll be no good to anyone.

Marianne said...

damnittohell on the C-Diff, again. At least it was caught early... rather than 2 weeks from now,eh?
I'm glad you've found someone to help, it'll make such an enormous difference in your level of energy, trust me.

ok, 'gorgeous' and 'sexy'? I am blushing from the top of my head to the tips of my toes...but mostly it's from the love I'm feeling from you. :^)

Keeping you close, Babe.

Robin said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you guys! Hang in there...