Friday, August 24, 2007

Fiber Goody

As promised last night ..I am going to share the next picture of another Fiber Treat..This one is:
Opal and the colors are rust and blue..My camera doesn't do the beautiful blends in this yarn any favors...but I do hope the socks that I knit from it will let you see how lovely it is.
This was gifted to me from my Spinning Sock Sister..Linda~~Linda is the most gentle and kind woman I've ever met..she welcomes you into her life through her heart and you just feel so safe there...and she gives just the best hugs..they warm you from head to toe..AND she gives lots of them..Linda has also served as one of my lifelines during this ordeal with Mom..she's taught me that even the nicest people can be 'assholes' if they need to be..Actually Jim(Linda's Husband and delightful gentleman)...shared with me that this lovely lady I just described was a 'closet asshole'...and I've just loved using that term..because the last few months..I've had to unleash and open my closet on numerous occasions and it's felt much better knowing it's OK. Thank you's gorgeous yarn and will warm my 'soul/soles.
Aren't you glad you went to Mannings?...I can't wait until I get the chance to go again..even if it's not until next's worth the wait.
I'm going to attend a little social outing this evening...I've hired someone to stay with Mom for a few hours and I'm going to a party to honor a dear friend who turns 70 on Wed...
Erni is a lady that was born well before her time...She's one of the most talented folks I've ever met..and isn't afraid to tackle anything. She's bright, funny and so darn attractive...and I love how she bargains...Erni has been eligible to retire for several years..and each year before signing her contract...she does so knowing if it's a bad year...she can quit midway..although I know unless it were a health issue...she would not do this..But this year, there were some staff changes and she really felt it was time for her to not return..and after much persuasion from other faculty members, she agreed..BUT only if they would host a birthday party for they agreed.
I look forward to seeing Erni and many of the other friends that I taught with that have since retired..should be a fun evening!
Happy weekend, spinning and knitting~` Be safe...and there's more pix~


Marianne said...

Happy Birthday, Ernie! and may you have many many more!

MMMMM, that Opal sure is pretty! and yes, Sister Linda is a beautiful soul...and I love it, the closet asshole...sounds kind of like the Crusty Old Bitch thing, eh?
Here's to a fun fun FUN evening!

Nikki said...

That yarn is so pretty! And will make beautiful socks!!

I hope you have a great time at Erni's party :)

Dana said...

The Opal is lovely! Linda's such an excellent sock/spin sister!

"Closet Asshole". I burst out laughing in the office (fortunately, I was alone) when I read that. Too funny!