Thursday, April 17, 2008

Barnes Noble Knitting Adventure

Greetings from this end of the world..I know it's been a while..and I've been reprimanded for it...maybe I will be better about blogging, maybe's like many other things, if it becomes a's no longer my camera has been fighting for it's life..and I finally gave up on 'her' and bought a new I can share pictures.
I've been home for a week now and much of that time has been spent trying to get my head back on my shoulders and be a wife, mom and re-energize myself..10 months of being gone 90% of the time was much more than I thought it would, I can say I can relate to being institutionalized.
My Mom is still doing well, for the situation...she graduated from physical therapy last week..and she is walking quite well with the assistance of her walker...sadly..the memory is still missing in action.
My sister took early retirement from her job so that she could move here on a part-time basis to help with Mother...and she's been here a week and is ready to go back to
At least now I will have longer periods of time at home..even though I will still have to go spend time so that my Sister can return to her home to check on her property etc.
I had one of my first outings in a long while today and boy..what fun!
I left home a bit early this morning so I could stop by a local printer and drop off our posters for the upcoming Fiber Festival to be held on May 24, then I drove over to the neighboring town..Lynchburg and ran some errands..spent a while in Macy's..long enough to score 2 pairs of shoes and some new cologne..yep..I do love nice I bought the new Tommy's a very light floral's nice, but I do tire of the same scent..they really should bottle in smaller bottles so a gal can have all her heart desires.
Then, I met Linda and I was so excited that I was going to post her pix, but I must have screwed up something because Blogger won't let me do this..argh We had a delightful lunch at Paneras then we were off to Petsmart where we both needed stuff for our 'kids'...then on to Barnes Noble for some serious knitting, visiting and getting assistance.
Lara met us there and she so willingly had agreed to teach me how to do a crochet edging I needed for a linen shawl I had was a bit harder than I thought it would be and the Check Spellinglinen seemed to be a whole lot of a problem in being cooperative to this I did a few stitches with lots of help and then the ever so kind Lara finished it for me and again the unkind blogger won't let me add the pix...Maybe I have more to learn about the new camera but I thought I had it all figured out..
After a few hours of visiting, a bit of knitting I began my journey home..this old gal was ready for her nap, but the Pup was ready for his walk..he won.
Happy Knitting~


Marianne said...

Welcome home, darling!
I can just imagine how you must feel! I like that, needing to get used to being home again :^)
There's a new Tommy Girl? and I agree, they should have smaller bottles available... oh wait, I think they DO make small ones, for some of the lines, I remember Havala showing me some, somewhere.....
Mmmm, Paneras... their Asian Chicken salad is a fave of mine...
AND an outing with Linda! You are both lucky women!
Rest, knit, learn, read, walk Nik and cuddle with MOTH, sweet talk Fred, really, just welcome home! It's heaven to see you again!

Dana said...

Woohoo...sounds like you had a lovely and relaxing afternoon. I'm tickled for you!

I adore B&N and of course, it's always WONDERFUL to hang out with Linda and Lara. It was great to read that you've finally indulged yourself a bit...quiet time with friends, lunch, knitting & some perfume.

I can't wait to see your shawl and the crocheted edging - - I'm sure it's beautiful. Have a great weekend, soak up some sun & XOXOX!

Spinning Lara said...

It was great to see you yesterday! The linnen shawl is stunning, and you picked up on crochet very quickly. You did most of one side of the edging, it was the tricky yarn holding you up. Next time it will go much more smoothly :)