Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Week of Rest and Loss of Needles~

Add Image If I look tanned and rested..I probably should be, but on the other hand..a week in the Mayan Riviera isn't a guarantee that this will happen. Mike and I left on May 1 and returned on May 8 for a week at our 'spot'..Due to the fact we left cold, rainy weather and rushed into 'uber humid' and hot air..our bodies or souls did not adapt so easily. On Sunday Mike started feeling cruddy..and by the end of the day it would be that he didn't feel up to going for dinner..and a sinus infection was in the works..Fortunately one of our friends had been to the pharmacy that day and had picked up extra amoxicillin and he started on that immediately...late Mon. nite I began with horrible body aches and a tuberculin cough and by morn., I was feeling as bad as I needed to feel..even passed on going for my favorite breakfast of smoked salmon on mid morning my cough grew very concerning and we had the hotel Dr. come by hoping to be able to get the medication I take at home for allergy/asthma stuff...but he 'no could find' that particular he prescribed a decongestant and antihistimine and ordered that I turn off the A/c..that was really not an issue at the time because I was miserably cold anyway..and I suspect he realized after I told him my allergy history that the A/c was piping more mold into the room than my poor system could the next few days we got much bed rest, did drugs and truly considered checking on an earlier flight home..We've been home since Thurs. and are both still not 100% but each day seems to be better..if I can just ditch this cough.
To add insult to injury..I had taken knitting along on this trip as I ALWAYS do and always ask security first if I can take on in my carry's always no problem..again this year I was able to board from my home airport with knitting in carry on, knitted in Charlotte airport and all the way to problema..A week later I asked at check in if I could keep my knitting in carry problem..This was not to be the case...after an hour of waiting to get to the security check point and my checked bags were well on their way to some other area..I was pulled aside and told I could not bring those needles in my carry on..This was not a pleasant moment for me..I tried to make my case but there were 2 really bitchy young girls that had already decided they were going to confiscate(steal) my knitting I asked for a supervisor..well I may as well have called for Mother Teresa..because he came and already had made his mind up that this American was not boarding that plane with knitting I had to take the partially finished scarf off of my Addi Turbo lace needles, my #7 straights and my #4 dpns..all gone..I have one small regret but I was so upset that I wasn't thinking rationally and the fear was mounting that my husband was going to be arrested because he was so irate..but I do wish I had broken them in half and pulled the cable loose on the Addi..mean aren't I?..Have you ever had your needles confiscated/stolen?
Actually..that was the needle that broke the camels back..because we have been going to this place for 10 years, spending a large chunk of money and helping their economy..this shall come to an end..I will NEVER go there again..and yes, those of you that know me ...know how I love the place..but I will not go back!
Of course once home and I found about our knit Sister Rae and her loss..She lost her entire home, all of her knitting supplies and her family dilemma pales in comparison.
So..back to knitting and making it count..Happy Stitching to all~
Today(the reason for the pix) Linda(SockSister) and myself went over to Lynchburg College for a taping for a segment to advertise the upcoming Fiber Festival, It's called The Sedalia Fiber Festival and it will be held on May 24.


Robin said...

Oh Dianne...that sucks! I would have broken the needles before handing them over!

Marianne said...

Oh honey... I've been wondering, and thought I was just being more addle brained than usual, but you are back.
I'm so sorry about the 'crud' getting you and Mike down on your holiday but hooooey, that sucks nasty green ones, I definitely would've broken the needles but I have a big mean streak in me :^)

I'm so sorry to hear about Rae and her loss, certainly puts things in perspective and here I was wanting to whine :^)

I'll get an email to you in the next couple of days, out of town guests.... love you, Sis.

Dana said...

I'm so sorry that your annual holiday didn't turn out to be the pleasure-filled week it should've been. Once you and MOTH are feeling better, take off and try again in another spot. You two need a good vacation this year; you've earned it in spades

The needles . . . I would've been livid too.

Can't wait until next Wednesday to see the Sock Sisters debut on television; I am REALLY looking forward to it! :)

KnitNana said...

I'm aghast at the loss of your needles! UNFAIR.
Don't blame you for not wanting to return, I'd feel the same way!
See you at Sedalia!

Spinning Lara said...

Im so sorry for your loss of needles :( At least they didn't take the yarn, that way you had something to strangle them with if you really wanted to ;)

Diana said...

Wow, what a story. A great place to relax and you get sick then to have your needles confiscated is horrible, I think they do that just because they can not for safety reasons!
Thanks too for visiting my blog!

bernard n. shull said...
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