Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Beauty of The Swallowtail

There are times I wish that I were more creative in my writing abilities and knew all the nifty gestures for making it exciting but this is as good as it gets..from the heart.

I had planned to blog for a long while and seems I could always find an excuse or was just too busy, so there's catch-up to do.

As all of you that read me..know I was involved with The Queen of Festivals in helping organize and pull off the most successful of Fiber Festivals to be held at Sedalia..I thank Dana for allowing me to be involved in such a successful venture...We were overwhelmed by the support from Vendors and participation at the event. There was lots of work and Dana did the butt load of it but when it came time to pull together and make it happen, everyone pitched in. Since Dana had the advantage(she may add dis. to that) of being so computer literate, she took care of all the business end of making it successful. On Friday before the actual event..Dana, Lara, Linda, Jim, Teresa and myself lifted and moved tables that should have been moved by front end you know if you ever run into us Bedford gals..we have 'biceps'..On Saturday, bright and early..Dana, Andie, Michelle, Linda, Nikki, Lara and I showed up and I don't think we stopped long enough to do much more than a little shopping..but we had great attendance, awesome vendors, wonderful door prizes and perfect weather.. Dana has posted photos of the event but she failed to post this particular one..she had just said to me..If I HAVE TO TELL YOU TO GET BUSY ONE MORE TIME...I'M SENDING YOU HOME!!
We all got some awesome yarns ..and other well as some gifts and some exchanged gifts...Dana gifted me this most gorgeous yarn and it will become socks when my 'sock mojo' returns..he's taken a short leave. Isn't it just breathtaking?

I look forward to the opportunity to work with Dana again next year, if she will have me onboard~

I won't fill this post with all the other pretties that I picked up that day..after all, who wants to see my roving, since you know I don't spin..haha...but maybe I will one day..after all..I do now have a Special Spindle that was gifted to me by Lara and handmade by her hubby Andy..AND with the expertise of Lara...perhaps I can become a bit proficient.

Let's see...there was also a awesome sale at Knitters Knook..which I was able to attend and twisted Lara and Linda's arms and made them go with me..we all came home with some wonderful bargains plus a great visit at the shop and a delicious lunch!

I have a few projects on the needles but the last few weeks I have been focused on doing blanket squares as there have been some tragic accidents among our local/regional knitting community.

I had the dreaded GYN visit a few weeks ago..all was well, except she was concerned I had gained a bit of weight in the past year..I explained to her that my life had been erratic and my eating habits were not the best...well, I think a bag of chocolate and a box of little debbies is quite healthy but my body obviously didn' the Dr. insisted on doing thyroid check..I would have bet the farm there was no problem and I was right...thyroid was I have started to limit the chocolate..which I can do easier when I'm home and less stressed..Going to the GYN always stresses me beyond the day I got home I found this package on my I began to open it I wondered if I had slept through the summer and Christmas had arrived..Marianne my sweet Sis of Oklahoma had sent me the best goody package a gal could ask for..I will post pix of the sock yarn, the beautiful yarn she suggested I use to make fingerless mitts..and with that she also agreed to come here and teach me how..there were mitered squares, chocolate..Chocolate with chilies and cherries, soaps that smell too beautiful to use and too die for White Blossom Diffuser Oil..what a fragrance to wake up to. She also sent me this perfectly terrific key holder..and you can't understand this..but something I need desperately..because I lose my keys more than I lose my train of thought...which is often~...I know you're waiting for the kicker huh...well..she also sent this and honest to God it brings tears to my's such a work of art and too think someone so talented would take the time to make something this beautiful and give it away...well..yes to their Sis..I can understand. I've thanked her but's too hard to put into words the beauty, the love and the true generosity of Marianne in sharing this most gorgeous shawl with me..I'm going to show you a few pix hubby snapped today...please be patient, remember..look at the shawl, it's The SwallowTail..

I have shown it locally to everyone I know..and some that I don't and they're all just astounded by the beauty...I can't wait for the weather so I can wear it daily!!!...

Marianne, thank're the BEST SIS a gal could have..I love you!


Marianne said...

LOVE the photo of Dana, heeee. Hi Dana!
That was some great 'catching up', making good times indeed!

Oooh, that colour DOES look FABulous on you! I clicked on the photos to get the larger views... and here I'm thinking you're looking slender and ok,(since I'm your sis and can take liberties) I'm looking at the bottom left photo and it hits me, damn sis, you've a mighty fine rear~~giggle~
you do. shush. never mind.

Believe me, all my pleasure and you are beyond welcome :^)

Dianne said...

It's the 'Junk In The Trunk Syndrome'..lmso..actually, since being scolded by the DR. I had lost 5lbs..and frankly..I don't mind my 'rear'..things spread with age!!!!!!!!!

Spinning Lara said...

What a beautiful shawl, you look stunning modeling it! I had a great time with you and Linda on our day trip to Knitters Knook. Don't worry, your sock mojo will return.


Julie said...

What a lovely gift; Marianne is definitely something else!

Love the picture of Dana.

Glad to see you back to blogging!

Dana said...

Y'all are crazy - - I look like a troll in that picture (this is why I religiously avoid photos of myself). Dianne ALWAYS looks glamourous...even when going to Walmart!

I'm glad you liked your yarn Dianne. The sock mojo will return when you're ready for it.

The Swallowtail is AMAZING. (I got to fondle it Marianne - - it's breathtaking)!

As for next year's festival, Dianne, I have only one thing to say, "Until death do we part." LOLOL

Dianne said...

Dana, I take you as my 'Wedded Festival Provider, to Assist when needed, To be prompt, offer hugs as needed, kick the seats of the folks that are keeping us in a quandry on dates and to cherish forever in the Name of The Sedalia Fiber/Wool Festival. I solemnly swear to defend you, honor you and Cherish our Friendship..hugs~