Friday, July 25, 2008

RVSK Raffle

The RVSK (Roanoke Valley Spinners and Knitters) are holding a raffle to raise money for some of their knit family that have been involved in some serious fire accidents.
One is for Austin, the young son of a knitter who was burned very badly over 60-70% of his body and is receiving treatment/surgeries at The Shriners Childrens Hospital in Ohio. The Roanoke group as well as anyone else that has wanted to be involved have been knitting squares for a blanket for Austin.
As well last week, Knitegrity(Diana's) husband Larry was injured quite badly in a grilling accident and was air lifted to The University of Va. Hospital but has since been sent home..but recovery is still in the early stages. We are also doing a blanket for him.
Nikki and Pam..great, caring knitters of the community organized a raffle and it's posted on Ravelry. They have 2 Ravelry totes and are hoping to get donations of other items to raffle along with them, in addition to taking monetary donations via paypal. The proceeds will be divided and given to the families.
If you have some extra yarn or some other craft that you do and would like to donate..please feel free to do feels good to give and help.

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Dana said...

Pam & Nikki are amazing and it's wonderful of you to blog about it!