Monday, November 03, 2008

Baby It's COLD Outside~

Well, it really isn't cold out..but what better excuse to use to display new mittens?..

I made these using Cascade Pastaza in a few I raced for the finish line of a friends birthday..then decided I'd felt them a little to add a bit more charm..WELL..
they're in the mail..priority even and I've not heard if she has gotten them or not...I suspect she's away celebrating her special day and not even received them yet...They were fun, easy and my best pair yet..I really need to get a few more pair whipped out before the's not far away is it?
I think life is getting back to normal..wherever that is after the death of my wasn't totally sudden, but it was much quicker than we anticipated..He was only diagnosed in May with cancer..a really ugly, cruel disease!! It has been difficult on my Mom...He was her first born, her only son..and her memory issues at times play tricks on her..and she forgets he is deceased..but we quickly pull her back and she's ok.
Don't forget tomorrow is Election Day..please go do your civic duty..VOTE!
And with that being said..I'm off to work on ...another blanket~scarf~mittens..or cowl~


Jadielady said...

Beautiful mittens!!
I am sorry your family is having to deal with not only your brother's death, but your mother's memory issues. Both as you said, are cruel and hard to see take a hold of your loved ones.
I've already voted this morning. YAY!

Marianne said...

Look at you and your mittens! They're wonderful!
I'm glad today is election day, I've been quite obsessed with it all... you'll be hearing from me soon. :^)

'Normal'... I just don't know what that is anymore, just know you, Mom, your whole family are always in my thoughts, sending you peace.

Dana said...

The mittens are LOVELY, Dianne, and I'm going to be knocking on your door (begging instructions) before too long. :)

My heart hurts for you and your family. You've endured so very much in the last couple of years. Like Marianne, I'm wishing you peace and comfort. XOXOXO

Voting? Did it before work.