Friday, February 27, 2009

Twist and Shout

It's always such a great feeling to reach completion on a sock..much more so on 2 socks..

I started this 'gal' just a few weeks ago and did not give her all the attention she deserved because I can only knit socks in a quiet environment..and usually alone if there's counting to be done.

I did take her to knit night last week and was able to get quite a few rows of the cuff completed but when I reached the heel..she had to go back to her hiding place until I was alone. You see, I'm still very challenged by sock knitting although I can do it and I do love knitting socks..I still have to refer to the pattern for heels, gussets..etc..I just don't have that formula in the 'noggin' yet.

Dana gifted me this beautiful yarn after our most wonderful Sedalia Fiber Festival last was her 'thank me' for helping her....little did she know, I loved helping her..she makes work 'PHUN'~I had kept this in a sacred place since wanting to make sure when I used it the pattern would flatter the yarn..I think I made a good choice.

The yarn was purchased from Kid Hollow Farms and it's 48% Kid Mohair, 30% Merino and 22% Nylon and the color is: Brilliant Jewel..and it's so true to it's name. The pattern evolved from another event with Dana, Linda and Jessi..We attended NOSO in Roanoke in Sept. and the pattern was in our 'goodie bag' presented to us upon registration..Well...that day sort of turned into a blur because of the news of my Brother and he passed away just days the pattern was put away and totally forgotten about until I mentioned to Dana I was looking for a nice/easy cuff..and she said she was using this one and would share..Of course, being the pack rat that I am..I knew I still had everything from that day..and sure enough, it actually had made it into a sleeve into my pattern book..I started the pattern and knit about 5+" of cuff..and realized it was going to be huge on was a 66 stitch cast on..but for days I could not bring myself to do what I knew needed doing..RIP IT OUT and start over..but I also knew with this gorgeous yarn..I'd never be happy if it weren't perfect(or as perfect as I am capable of making it) days later..I restarted and did a 55 cast fits like a glove..oops sock! It's a perfect fit which I ran scared of much of the way from the heel because I had to fiddle to get my numbers right..

So..I present to you **Sock #1 of Socks With a Twist..The pattern is The Barley Sugar Stitch.

There has been other knitting but mostly bibs, wash cloths, a hat and smaller items..but no photos yet.

Dana and I have been busy filling each others emails daily with correspondence in regards to The Sedalia Fiber Festival, which will be May 16, 2009..We're off to a running start and our exhibitor list is growing..I'm so excited and hopeful that this year will surpass last year. Please visit our lovely website that Dana designed and check out all the wonderful page options she has created for the may make you want to come share this special day with us...We can almost guarantee you will have a good time and not leave empty handed unless you're on a strict yarn diet.

Happy Knitting~


Marianne said...

That, dearest, is a GORgeous sock! I'm so proud of you! (I knew you had socks in you :^)
I need to go check out the web page, how exciting!! I don't know for sure yet, some days it looks dismal, other days not so dismal. ;^) crazy economical times we're living in...

Marianne said...

ManO MAN!!! What a good looking website!!... that Dana... is she truly just Queen of Everything?!? dang, she's good!

Jadielady said...

I can guarantee that even if youre on a strict yarn diet, you will not come away empty handed. Woo boy. Last year before Sedalia I'd never knit a sock and didn't really think I wanted to.

Care to see my sock yarn stash now? ;)

KnitNana said...

VERY good on that sock!!!
And if you're not careful, after Sock Summit? You'll have one heck of a sock yarn stash...(oh, wait, Sock Yarn Doesn't Count As Stash!)

Sourire11 said...

Thanks for the well wishes on my baby! I'm also glad you enjoyed the fingerless mitts pattern!