Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We're Twins~

Who 'SEZ'..we gotta match to be twins?
I had this leftover yarn from a poncho I made for MOI and decided I needed Mitts 2 Match..knowing they were not going to be perfectly color coordinated did not stop me..because I'm that much of a dare devil..to not really care. Actually, I am just not into caring a bunch about small, minor details of life...such as if my mittens are both the same color all over.
I cast on for these on Sat. evening late and did a few boring rows of the cuff..and on Sun..I decided I was going full steam ahead until these 'boyz' were done..They were a much fun knit and I have loved this yarn from the beginning..It's Austermanns Murano and I found it to be just a pleasure to knit.
There hasn't been a great deal of knitting going on other than a bib or washcloth here and there..but I have yarn all wound for socks and I plan to cast on in the next days..yes, they will be for me also.
I'm trying my best to help with the economy by buying as much yarn as Visa will allow..but I am putting myself on a very strict diet now..because our local Fiber Festival will be in May and I don't want to be totally dollar depleted for that.
I have found a few new online suppliers that have some lovely yarns and the customer service has been TOPS..I'm waiting on 6 skeins that I've ordered from Eleganza Yarns in Frederick, Md..I'll share pix later.
Since I last blogged I've been back for a few weeks with my Mom so that my Sis could return to her home in Fl...after a bit of online searching, I found a fiber fix very close to her home and made a list of goodies I'd like for her to bring me back..she did quite well..mmmMalabrigo~~
I'm trying to find Winter..it seems to have left us..much too quickly!! Since Sat. it has been in the 60's-70 and again tomorrow..BUT last Mon. we did have 15 snowflakes..honestly, not much more but because it was so cold at that time, it stayed around all week. I'm totally ready for a serious snow..I mean bring it ON!!..
Happy Knitting and Spinning..


Marianne said...

I love your mittens! LOVE!
Yeah, I'm with you, I want to see some REAL snow! It's raining here, and I guess there was a tornado down by OKC today... wild and wacky weather season is upon us.

Dianne said...

Thank you 'My Sweetness'..Yes I read of your horrible weather but was relieved to hear it wasn't in Tulsa..We're due warmer temps again tomorrow with some high winds moving in..hopefully, not quite SO HIGH!!

KnitNana said...

Whoohoo! Fraternal twins!!! They're adorable.
yes, where IS the snow?

Julie said...

I love the fraternal twin mittens; very pretty!

You weather sounds perfect to me; I'll be on the next plane ;-)

Nikki said...

They're so pretty!!

Dana said...

The mittens are excellent! You know how much I like your Murano pullover, so naturally, the mittens would be just as great. :)

The Eleganza yarns are beautiful and the mmmmmMalabrigo is awesome too. I really enjoyed our knit night and can't wait for the next one!

Dana said...

Tag! You've been given an award - - check out my blog. :)

Dana said...

Tag! You've been given an award - - check out my blog. :)