Thursday, August 13, 2009

Let's try this again

Seems that Blogger wanted to be a 'sogger' for me yesterday..I had it all ready and got some silly error and failed to save..bleh..

I don't want to bore you with blow by off we go..

The flights were as flights tend to on time, one late a rule I don't fly Delta because I can never remember a time that there wasn't a delay..well, they upheld their reputation for me. We left L'burg precisely on time and I was very impressed with flying from their small airport..when we arrived in Atlanta, our flight was I was giddy..didn't last for

Once we got on the plane there was an issue with trying to find seats for some stand-by's..being a pilots wife and 2 boys.., then it seems they were not satisfied with the bathroom clean up from the former they had to call the cleaning crew back on..which gained a round of applause and hopes of taking flight soon...since our connection time in SLC was short..but we sat on the runway a bit longer before we actually took flight..meaning we arrived in Salt Lake City about 5 minutes before we were to depart..then another 10 min. it seemed before we were off the rush in and try to find our be had been moved and we would be boarding the same plane we had arrived on...So at least sweating the big bullets of missing our flight were over..We arrived in Portland about 11:30 and found the Sock Summit Shuttle and arrived at The Red Lion at almost midnight..which is 3a.m. for me..yep, I was tired pup!..Of course there's a bit of unpacking to prepare for an early day ..because we were much too late to get registered. After only a few hours sleep, we were up to get started for the first day of Sock Summit...We had breakfast at the hotel cafe which was really decent..and there were many celebrity faces around the lobby..Lucy Neatby, Anna Zilboorg, Judith McCuin..and as the days went on..there were more..they will enter later

Registration was a breeze, they were SO prepared for us..then it was just milling around among hundreds of other anxious knitters..meeting many faces that you had only seen names of..Seeing The Yarn Harlot whisk around like the energizer bunny, Tina rushing around in total control and all the rest of the STR team..again, they were amazingly ready for whatever would happen.

My first class began at 10 a.m. with Judy Becker..Judy's Magic Loop..she's a terrific teacher, funny and very entertaining. I can't say I grasped the entire concept but perhaps with time I will..or maybe I won't..I've lived this long without, so it will be ok..huh?

I had volunteered to help Angela and John of Serendipitous Ewe with their set up or whatever they needed me for whenever I had available after this class, I helped John for a while putting up shelves, fondling yarn(ooops..I meant tagging) and took the time to walk around and get a feel for the marketplace..yep, it was overwhelming!..There was so much yarn and so little time!!!!

When all this first began I had gotten a pm one day from a lady in Portland and we continued to be in contact until the Summit..and had made plans to meet, run about etc..After helping John, Judy Solanki my new Portland friend and I took off for lunch, a car tour of the city and a trip to Trader Joe's for room supplies..She was just the most pleasant, warm and dear person one would want to meet...I treasure the time we were able to spend together and so happy to have a friend in Portland.

Here's JUDY!!..seems to be a popular name so far, eh?

Then it was time for The Opening Reception which I felt was so hear all the trials and tribulations they had encountered to bring this great event to Portland.

I also had the privilege of meeting Jo Watson of British Yarns, She was there to promote the 2010 Knitting Camp to be held in Scotland..during the reception she was interviewed by a reporter for The Oregon News...there's a link for this..but I can't find it at the moment, but they did a nice story on The Summit and Jo was mentioned as well as Judy. Judy had invited Jo to stay with her during SS. Jo was also interviewed by Vogue Knitting while there..quite the little celebrity Jo..Cheers..again!!!
I was off to bed quite early and slept like a baby..for yet another early day..Friday!


Dana said...

Sweet! Judy & Jo sound wonderful. :) I'm so glad you had a great time and were able to connect with these people (and the fiber). What a trip!!!

margene said...

It must have been the most amazing of all knitting summits ever!

Marianne said...

Seriously, how absolutely Wonderful! and isn't Judy a Beauty? don't forget, she has a beautiful, warm and dear friend living in Virginia :^)
hustle bustle! Making Good Times!
(and no, you could NOT bore us)

Julie said...

Sounds like it was an absolutely wonderful time.

Sleep is highly overrated :-)

KnitNana said...

It was lots of fun, and your photos are great!