Friday, August 14, 2009


Oh gosh..I forgot to mention ONE of the most important events of Thurs..and that was the opening of The Marketplace at 4:30. This was sort of the 'climax' of the day..much anticipation of the registered students to see what was behind those great big closed was open for 2 hours only..and just for US! I had been in earlier in the day because I was helping a vendor so I had a feel for where some booths I wanted to 'hit' were located..I guess you could say I wasn't alone in wanting to hit some special booths..because I waited in line to pay for about 30 minutes at Blue Moon...but from what I've heard that is 'nada' compared to the lines in MD. and NY. at the Fiber shows. I was greatly pleased with my purchases first day..but I did go to Blue Moon once again before the final day of SS..and made another purchase of a 'few' skeins...I was thinking of all the money I saved on shipping(isn't that valid)?

So...let's move on to Friday.

I did not have any classes on Fri..there weren't any that screamed at me, but we did have the Guinness World Record Attempt at 11:30, so we hung around the market and I helped John again by handing out coupons until 11:30 and after the attempt...Sallee, Judy and I took off for search of this:

Sallee and I had both seen this mentioned on the SS Blog of Food Carts you should try..they did NOT lie..I had a perfectly awesome Salmon Burger and fries...From there we went in active pursuit of The Button Emporium..that was almost as much fun as a candy store..too bad they don't offer chocolate buttons or I'd have been in big trouble. The store is run by 2 of the most delightful ladies you'd ever meet..I found some gorgeous buttons for some 'gifties'..because I frankly do not sew..and haven't yet knit anything requiring buttons..Maybe I'll start using buttons on my dishcloths, for a new twist..If you ever get to Portland...this is a must stop..I was forewarned by a friend that had been several years ago..and she highly recommended this as a YES! After the BE, we walked a short distance to Josephine's, a fabric shop..some lovely fabric but again..I don't sew, but Sallee did score a few yds...and then to the famous Powell's...I'm sure in another life I may enjoy this..or just another time, but it was crowded and actually when I can order online..I don't need crowds, but it was a 'must do' of Portland. We headed back to the hotel and then went up to the 'bar' for some liquid refreshment and met up with more Ravelers.. had dinner and neither of us were giddy about the Sock Hop and had not attempted to get it was an early night~

I will leave you with this..being my first purchase. Do you recognize her?



margene said...

Every minute you describe tells of a fabulous time!

Dana said... all sounds wonderful! THANK YOU SO MUCH for the Apogee and the buttons; I'm still floored and cannot stop petting them. I'm so glad you had a great trip and I am very, very grateful for the souvenirs you brought back!

P.S. The sock blocker is already on my keychain. :) THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

Marianne said...

What a wonderful time and I don't know, Sis, I think you could rock a poodle skirt with the best :^)
I give. I don't know what that yarn is, the Official Sock Summit sock yarn? (yeah, talk about a 'wild' guess, snort :^D