Saturday, August 15, 2009

SatuuurDay In The Park~

It seemed like the 4th of July!..I had the most fun I've had in eons..I guess my free spirited, independence came alive.
I had a early class on Sat. morning with Carson Demers..only 1 hour and it was called KnitteRx..I guess we're all guilty of sitting so that we can finish..JUST 1 more row..He suggested ways of sitting, supporting our butt, and most importantly too sit for too long..get up and stand, walk, move around and knit..most enjoyable.I caught the rail as soon as the class was over and headed destination in mind other than the return to The Red Lion in time for The Ravelry Meet Up at 7..

My first stop was The Saturday Market which was high on my list of want to do's but was afraid I'd not have the time..I milled around at the market area for a few hours, bought just a few cute items, grabbed a spring roll and beer and visited with folks I'd never seen before in my life, a little, right? After I had seen all of the market, I headed to the waterfront. Do I look like an out of towner? I felt like a Portlander...friendly and all~ I walked, and walked and walked some more and finally I found what I was sort of looking for:

I had seen this in passing while out with Judy on Thurs. and she had told me how good it was..I love oysters..any way you want to toss them at I went in and sat for a bit, grabbed a little something to refresh me once again and then I ordered this scrumptious half order of oysters on half shell, she fixed me a variety lips are still drooling as I remember

eating them, savoring every bite and wishing Mike were here to enjoy with me..he too loves oysters.

I was finally all done and ready to seek more adventure and the 'Oyster Gal'..recommended that I go to The Chinese Gardens..that was really on my agenda also but I didn't realize I'd be so close to it at this time. I left the restaurant and headed towards the gardens...I soon saw a line..and thought oh geesh...I hate lines and I will NOT stand in line to pay to go see I got closer and yes..I did step into the line for a realize I was in line for VooDoo Donuts..It was tempting to stay in this line and forget the gardens..because this was about to rank on my list too..even though I'm not a donut person..I understand you don't have to be to appreciate VooDoo's...I figured since I had been to Cupcake Johns..I didn't need 2 treats of this sort on the trip.

The Gardens were absolutely beautiful!..I did run through quickly but I still enjoyed their beauty thoroughly. I did take LOTS of photos here but I'll just leave one for your viewing pleasure...ok? I would also recommend this as a nice stop if you had the time in your schedule.

After this I decided to just do more marathon walking and see where I ended up..I had a map but I didn't consult it until I was pretty sure I didn't have a clue where I was..but I quickly found a Starbucks, a kind gentleman and a street sign...all of which helped me find my way back to the trolley and then the rail. There is a story with this sign..but it's private and I won't share..But couldn't we all use a little bit of LOVE our lives?...I loved witnessing this sign personally..more than once~

I headed back via the trolley to the rail and got dressed for The Ravelry Meet Up..

I think I will cover that separately..just because I've about overloaded you with a ton of stuff today.

Be safe and have a 'LOVE JOY' sort of weekend~


Marianne said...

Oh, now see? You're my kind of travelin' buddy! Cupcakes and all :^)
Just getting out and having an adventure like your Saturday? yep.
I remember a Saturday Market but only went a couple of times (for holiday gifts to send back home) what I really remember was that close by was a Chinese restaurant called 'Hung Far Low' which of course had the 12 year old in me giggling. like mad.
Mmmmmm, nummers, oysters. on the half shell. mmmmm. (I'm feeling very deprived now having only had probably 1 kind of oyster)
The garden photo is gorgeous!
LoveJoy? it's a secret? ;^)
I'm just glad it was there, quite seemingly watching over you, guiding you to where you were needing to be, like the North Star,eh? which just goes to show you, you were never lost :^)
I am lovin' seeing all the photos!
I could walk for hours and hours and see? sounds like you walked that cupcake right off!

margene said...

You know how to pack in a lot of fun places, sights and things to do! What a great town to walk around in and enjoy.

Dana said...

Wipe. Wipe. (the drool from my chin). It all sounds so wonderful!!!