Friday, October 02, 2009


After careful consideration, I decided that having approximately 15 UFO's..that it would be add another, therefore..I joined Through The Loops Kal..The first clue went out yesterday which was the was fun and not so challenging and I'm sure Kirsten will save the best for last.

The yarn is Schaffer Heather which was gifted me for my birthday from my Sister of The Heart, Marianne..doesn't she have fantastic taste?..It was a hard decision to make on which yarn, but after seeing she was using Schaffer..I decided to walk the line. I think I will go ahead prior to next Thurs. when she releases clue 2 and cast on el otro sock so that I will be ahead of the game.

Lots of knitting, lots of unattended knitting..I go to bed at night thinking there will be a knitting fairy that will come and finish my many unfinished items..they will get their day..I'm just being very wishy washy right now and doing something that pleases me..

I don't blog often but my previous blog alluded to problems on the home front..The Thurs. before Labor Day..ugly late at night, the phone rang and it was MIL's neighbor..of course that alerted me there was a problem..seems Mil was watching the Steelers play football(she's quite a sports fan)..and she got up and her foot was asleep..she fell forward on her face/belly..breaking her right ankle and banging up her left one was an action packed night..arriving at our local ER at 11:30 p.m. and the walls were lined with folks waiting for was several hours before she had more than x-rays done..then after those x-rays were read by someone with skill enough to validate it was broken..they realized that it was so badly that if they transported her at this time to the nearby Orthopaedic hospital they were going to have to stabilize her ankle/leg because of how the break was lying over a blood vessel and the fear being if the transport vehicle should hit a bump in the could cause serious after finally arriving at this...they determined they would have to reposition her leg/ankle's 4 a.m. now..and suddenly we're seeing an emergency status..prior was very ho hum...we'll get there..we have other patients..we have 'EMERGENCIES'..yep, that's what they said..they had emergencies..and I'm like no##$#%...this is ER..shouldn't there be a few to make this place legal? So..this procedure was done after they were able to get an Anesthesiologist to get out of bed to come in and make her sleepy..soooo she was finally transported to Lynchburg Hospital at 6 a.m..knowing surgery would be forthcoming but not sure when..I was in no condition to drive the half hour to the hospital after being up all we came home and took half hour naps and showers and then I headed find that the surgery would be at 5-6 pm..I slept a while in her room..which was most luxurious..and she assured me it was a non emergency surgery and to come home and after I gained my senses..I left her there...She was there from Fri. morning until Tues..and then she was transported to Oakwood Hell..better known as Oakwood's a nursing home that also offers rehab..the rehab/physical therapists are wonderful..that's all I'll say!! She is still there and is due to go back to see the Dr. on Oct. 13 and maybe at that time she will be able to put weight on the foot..until, she refuses to do much Pt..she's convinced it's not in her best interest...but I will give her credit..she is giving the staff a daily dose of hell!!..She is one feisty lady!!

On Saturday we had a most awesome time at NOSO..Dana has already written and photographed so I won't go there..but it was great!..I love seeing that many knitters in one room..and most of them are SO friendly! We did a bit of politicking for Sedalia and picked up at least 1 new vendor..and we have an author on the's shaping up already..For those that think we wake up on the day of and it's magically all done...Dana and her staff work and confer year round.

A few other less pleasant things..I've had eye issues for many years..and I see the Glaucoma Specialist every 6 months and endure that horrible visual field test..seems my pressures are too low in my left eye and there may have to be some future surgery. I've had trabeculectomies on both and the right eye continues to respond well to the bleb..the left has been a bit wonky..but bottom line, my vision was getting worse..I was finding I had to wear my 'cheaters' all of the time..which was leaving my eyes very tired, headaches I made an appt. with my local Optometrist a few weeks ago..and after an excellent exam..he calmly told me..that it would have to be bifocals..not transitions..bifocals..I wanted to cry..but I really wanted to see I opted to pull up my big girl panties and get those 'guys'..I'm still adjusting and it's been a week but it's amazing at how well I can see..seems the specialist doesn't spend much time on the actual examination and I probably should have had these a few years ago..but..I have them now..

Also..another first..hangs head in shame...I was skipping church a few weeks ago..and in lieu of was going to go visit some shut in friends/relatives etc..I was cruising out to Mom's first and I will not deny..I was speeding but I truly do not think I was SPEEDING..I saw him as I began down the hill and let off the gas and immediately pulled over...He was most kind but he did write me up..He said he clocked me doing 68 in a 45....I don't really think I was going that fast..I'd admit to maybe 60..yes bad enough but 68..I've gone back and tried to do 68 there and it's a tough spot to make that curve at 68....oh well..I'm now $176 less yarn money..and The Bedford County Sheriffis office is a bit richer to flaunt their new equipment etc.
Off to do some relaxation and knitting..
Remember to continue sending Margene your warm thoughts..she is such an amazing Spirit!


margene said...

Thank you for the good thoughts and I'm sending the same to you! You've had quite the month! I hope October is better to you.

Marianne said...

Mercy, Mercy.
Even knowing all this before hand.. well, reading about it all again.. Mercy! What a month!
Socks are really pretty so far :^)
heeee. bifocals. I've been wearing them for years and thinking I might need trifocals, lol! You had a pretty good run, Sis.
Rats about that speeding ticket, and that's all I'm going to say about that.
Margene is doing so very well :^) and we're all very thankful about that.
Here's to a fabulous October!!

Julie said...

Wow, Dianne, you've had quite the month! Sending lots of hugs your way. October WILL be better!


p.s. I keep forgetting to email you to tell you I received the yarn - it's beautiful! I love the sheepie post cards too :-) Thank you!