Friday, November 06, 2009

Sit Tight

I promise a full report soon...I know I've been quiet..I've been busy and away..but I've also accomplished a bit of knitting..

The day after Labor Day..I got serious on my decision to curb my eating aka lose some poundage..because I had the big 40 High School Class Reunion coming up in I figured I could squeeze off a few inches and be happier with how I look...I gave up my beloved beer, chocolate and soft drinks...I started drinking only hot tea and water and eating more sensibly...

I'm so pleased to say this was easy...until the week before my reunion and I went to Moms..and there were those ...Little Debbies...I did resist until after the reunion and then I was more conscious as I 'wolfed' them down. I was successful in dropping a few inches and pounds.. and had a great time at my reunion. It was the first time I had gone without Mike but because of being across town and trying to coordinate having 2 cars, etc..he was most happy to not be pressured into going..and I had a more relaxed time not worrying that he was a win-win!

Plus it was nice to get some hugs from some folks I'd not seen in a few years.

Mom and I had a great 2 week visit..we did some little something most days..even if it was as simple as coming to my house to visit..but we also did some 'firsts'...We had a court appearance to make over a land dispute that's been going on MUCH too long..and we went for manicures..Mom said she had never been to court(which is a good thing, I guess)..and she had never had a manicure...I think she enjoyed the simple pleasure of the manicure and may become a regular..that may be a little treat she and I share often.

I did accomplish 'some' knitting while there..but I wasn't able to keep up with the Sock Kal..I got swamped and didn't get past the heel..but that's ok..because they're both ready to do the foot..and that's clear sailing. I worked on a scarf I had on the needles for a's still on the's dark yarn and with my aging eyes..dark isn't always easy to see..but I did finish a lovely Baktus..being the 3rd one..and I will post a photo later..I also finished a Harlot scarf, using Noro Kochoran..and she's quite lovely...AND..then...on Tues. night as I was reading my favorite blogs..I dropped by Susan's blog and saw her 14th sweater for was a cute little Cardi..called Shalom Cardigan....say no more, I had the yarn in my stash(Eco Wool)..and all I needed to do was wind it..without much ado on Wed...I did this and cast on for this lovely little piece..She's coming along beautifully..actually if all goes well, she will be ready to come off the needles within a day or so....I've been obsessively knitting on this and am on row 70..and loving how cute it knits you're thinking..I keep saying 'little' can this be for me..well, it's not...I decided after first glance it would be such a cute Christmas gift for my Sister..she's much less chesty than I am..and can get by wearing those type things..but if this goes well..I intend to focus on another for me in the near future..the yarn has been stashed for some well as the simple's all about working up the courage to tackle it again...Linda and I are planning to do a 'little' Sweater Kal so that we can cheer each other on.

MIL is home..the Rehab is a much happier are all the nurses and physical therapist..I do know they all were granted a special permit to their own space in heaven after this ordeal.

I hear a UFO calling my name..and if they're going to be under Christmas trees for this year..I better get busy.

Be well, be safe and Happy Knitting!!



Marianne said...

What a great photo! Is that Pat? The happiness really comes through on those wonderful smiles you're both wearing :^)
YAY for the dropping of poundage, went through a bout of that myself but it wasn't the Little Debbie cakes, it was the left over cake from the wedding that snagged my ass, lol!
My O'My, knitting up a storm indeed! and will check out Susan's Shalom Cardi, sounds like a good one and yes, you should knit one for yourself! working up the courage? don't you find knitting something the second (and third and fourth, hee) so much easier?
Glad to hear MIL is home, as in 'her home', and yep... special places in heaven for the staff. for sure.
Christmas knitting, I've not even given it any thought... you're SO very good :^)

Julie said...

You sure have been busy! I'm glad you had a good time at your reunion. Congrats on losing the weight; all I'm able to do in that area lately is find it!
I'm glad you're mom is back in her own home.

Dianne said...

Thanks Ladies!!!
There's still mor+e that 'could' come off..but I'm happy where I am..even if it is 10+ lbs over where I've always's the age thing..seems I need more weight to support the age..hahaha
I'm tall and can carry more than I should and tend to sometimes 'max out'..
I've got to work on being at my best before Sedalia..when you 2 ladies come to visit..
Both of you look like you've just finished and placed in running a marathon, so I doubt you have weight issues. We will need to fatten you up once you come to Va.
Thanks for your kind visit..and as always your kind words. Love to you both!!