Saturday, December 19, 2009


Yesterday about mid afternoon Mike said to me...'be careful of what you wish for'..I always wish for at least a foot of snow..This time I got my wish! Actually, I think we have more than a foot but so that it's not totally fabricated..I'll stick with 12"..

It was a bit tricky this morning at 6:30 when walking the pup..seems he just could not find 'his place'..I even cleaned a spot down to the grass and invited him over, but it just didn't smell right.

Walking was very say the least. We live a half mile off the main highway and our street is not state maintained..soooo Nik and I made the first was absolutely breath taking to walk in the virgin snow..and be snowed on while walking. I did not take the camera because I was afraid if I fell..I'd break the camera..leg,hip or was so deep it was even rough on Nik to make a track..his belly was dragging..and he's a rather large guy..he now weighs 92 lbs..after losing 8 since his last vet visit and reprimand for being a bit..over..

I had to choose each step carefully..and believe me when I say I've never had this good of a quad workout from the gym...I was dressed in ample clothing to stay warm in a blizzard but unfortunately my boots were not quite tall enough....after trying to figure out how I was going to make this trek...I remembered Mike had this awesome pair of insulated/waterproof and tall hunting boots from when he used to bird I put on thick socks and these boots which are about 12" tall not counting all the heel etc..and they must weigh at least 5 lbs each....they were sufficient most of the way ..until we were almost back within sight of the house..and Nik decided to go into a I trudged for went at least 3" over the tops of the I'm saying..yep..we must have about 15" here. Our back door is drifted up from where the wind blew earlier last night and we can' t get out the kitchen door..but there are other exits that are fine..and the snow continues..actually heavier now than earlier. I'm a happy girl..

I came back from walking a bit damp and changed into some warm clean clothes and proceeded to make some dark choco. fudge..and I just finished some sausage balls. I finished my applesauce cakes a few days ago and fortunately delivered all of them to friends and neighbors on Thurs. and Fri..They must have been fairly good this request for the recipe and one early call from a friend this morning that had some for breakfast..The rest of the day..I'm going to knit, sip tea and relax...and once the snow stops..I may clean my car off but I have NO plans to go any place for a day or so..this is my kind of weather..a special Christmas gift!

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Healthy, Happy New Year~


Marianne said...

....walking in a winter wonderland....
It's BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I'm SO jealous!
You did tuck me in your pocket, right?

I baked pumpkin bread this morning and tomorrow it's going to be ALL about the Dianne's Applesauce Cakes! (er.. after I get back from the market with mom... :^) I keep the recipe right on the fridge door, LOVE that cake!
Enjoy your Snow Days, they are YOUR days :^D

Dianne said...

You were tucked right there safely with the camera..
Happy you like the Applesauce..I've made them spicier this year..more cinnamon/cloves and allspice..seems that they've been well could be because of the snow..they're better than snowballs..hehe

margene said...

Stay warm! Stay safe! I'm a little envious of all your snow!!

Claudette said...

The winter scenes sure bring back some childhood memories of winters' in New Hampshire. It is a beautiful sight for sure. I don't know what I ever did before I began to knit as days such as these, just invite one to sit back, relax and knit away !!
I'm happy knowing how happy you are Dianne !

Dianne said...

Your friendship is happiness..
I think I'm 1 out of every 10 adults that really love snow and get so much pleasure from the fact it's 'out of my control'..guess I'd never make a good control

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