Thursday, December 24, 2009

On This Eve..Christmas Blessings to You All~

I feel so blessed at this moment and just had to share a few photos..We went to MIL's..for a midday family gathering so that we could gift exchange with Candice and Family..We have a most difficult time it seems getting together for just ordinary visits but it really warms my heart when we are actually able to pull it off and get all in one place.

The perfect plan was going to happen at our house today for lunch..I was going to cook the mega meal for everyone and we'd do our visit and exchange here...but after we were covered with over a foot of snow at the end of last week..and we live off the main road..our driveway is still quite tricky even for the surefooted..and surely not for MIL who is still tiptoeing from her fall and break in B was put into action.. They would come to Grannys(MIL's) and we'd meet, visit..and then they were taking Granny out for lunch..of course we were invited also but we aren't in to eating an early we picked up Chinese carryout and moved along.

I can hardly believe how much Cameron the Grandson has grown in the last months..he's 15 and is just so dashingly handsome...not too mention he's 6'2" and has the most gorgeous reddish brown reallllllllllly curly hair..he has the most awesome curls..He had curly hair as a toddler and my all time favorite photo of him was when he was about 2 and his head was a 'mop' of loose curls...he went through years of buzz cuts and all those other cool spikey gelled up styles but he's now wearing it au natural..and it is just too darn handsome! Ashley is just as cute as a button..all petite and blond...and so into still believing in she was really on her best behavior today..but I think that's fairly normal for her...they really are 2 wonderful children..and I'm so proud to be called their Mamaw. It's not always smooth going..being a not an easy feat..especially when there's still a bitter ex in the'd think after 30+ years...she'd just get over it..but instead, she chooses to try to keep discontentment and does a really great job of it.

I'm now home with a turkey breast in the oven and as soon as it beeps that it's done..I'm going to make a chocolate truffle pie...We're supposed to go to my Moms tomorrow but..seems the weather guy may have other plans...there's an icy wintry mix in the forecast that could prohibit travel tomorrow..

Thanks to all of you wonderful people here on Ravelry that make coming to this site worthwhile and to those of you that I've met personally and virtually..I love you and wish for you a most blessed Christmas and happy healthy 2010..

Be safe and stay well~

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Marianne said...

WoW! 15 and 6'2"! WOW! and oh yeah, love love love those reddish brown curls! and I love the name 'Cameron'. Ashley now, she is a pretty little girl! She's probably already breaking the hearts ;^)
Great photo of you and Mike, what a gorgeous scarf you're wearing! :^D

I hope you're able to spend time with mom tomorrow but... if you're hit with ice... stay put. It can wait a day or two. The important thing is for everyone to be safe.

We were slammed with rain then sneet then snow, don't know how many inches, it's still snowing. We just got back from our family gathering, lots of laughs, good food, drink, basically making all manner of good time :^) but I'm glad to be back home, the roads haven't been cleared at all and not many folks out there.
Wishing you loads of Merry and Bright, Peace and Love... and plenty of smooches too :^D