Monday, June 07, 2010


To those that knew it was my Mom's 90th birthday celebration this'd expect I would write all about that.. I will, just not today.

It is a knitting blog..I keep telling myself this because I could easily turn it into a travel blog given the opportunity.

BUT..BUT...since I rarely post stuff I knit..because it just never stays here long..I tend to wrap and send it away as soon as it's off the needles..hoping I may catch a glimpse of it later being worn and can snap a pix..

After seeing Elisabeth at NOSO in September sporting such a lovely wrap and finding that it was indeed of her own making..I got busy and tracked her down and ordered a few skeins of her prettier than pretty yarn...I'm impressed with's just who I am..old hippies never die..they just get more weird or have more fun, whichever comes first...

I wanted to finish a shawl using her fiber before Sedalia..and I did..using a pattern that Ann McCauley shared with our Ravelry group...sad to say by the end of the day I was looking like Little Orphan Annie trying to keep my scarf on...because I was not about to tell anyone that I had lost my awesome shawl pin that Sonya had given me at I knotted up the scarf and it was about 50 ways from Sunday around my neck by the end of the day..however, it was still rich and beautiful due to it was made from Wolle's gorgeous cotton...This story has a great ending...when we(Marianne, Julie, Dana and I arrived back to our apartment), my shawl holder arrived back with us..Fortunately Marianne and Julie had rescued it from a bag that I had put it in for safe keeping during the hectic early morning putting the show together..

Part 2..I rarely order just 1 skein of when I ordered the skein for the shawl above, I also ordered a second...I decided after Sedalia and carefully checking Wolle's site to make a Saroyan using her yarn..I saw she had made one and it was I began this adventure right after getting home and settling in...a slow knit..Several times I second guessed what I was doing and shouldn't I do it differently..but no..I did not...Do I regret it..No..there are folks with slender necks that don't like alot of drapey stuff flung all around them and this is going to a thin neck I think the size will work well.. I contemplated adding more leaves in the straight section..I was fine with the 6 on the increase and decrease but I sort of thought that it may need a bit more length..When I got to the 10 recommended leaves, my fingers said..enuff..
I'm showing this with The most gorgeous shawl pin that was gifted to me by the kind, generous and loving Margene...It's a bronze heart by the awesome Romi...For those of you that know and love Margene(like I do) will know the heart has a special significance ..I wear it with more love and gratitude than you can ever know..Thank you Margene for such a special gift and I promise I will 'always' know where this one is.

I think it looks really pretty and it will make a perfect little scarf for those days when you just want a little 'pick up'...or perhaps 'get picked up'. I measured the yarn I have left and there is enough to make another...and the colors will be all different.
But for now, I'm focusing on a project of love..I'd love to get rid of some of the scraps and stash around I've started knitting panels 6"x48" and I'm going to either crochet or sew them together for a 'love blankie' for my special friend and husband Mike. We both love having our little blankies for those cooler afternoons and nights to wrap around our legs when we're sitting around..Being the wild and crazy man that he is..yep, the guy that wears pinata colored Red Heart Acrylic going to love this blanket..even without trying, I think I can make the blend rather tacky, which will just please him beyond words.

So..what's going on over on your street?


Marianne said...

Mike is so funny, in such a good way! he's gonna love his love blankie!

The scarf is GORgeous! as was the one you were wearing festival day! in fact it wasn't until later that I found out it was made with that cotton yarn, does that lady have an online store?
Beautiful shawl pin and yes, the heart does have special significance.
Margene, fabulous, exceptional human being :^)

Dianne said...

You know my dear Sistah ..He took a special liking to you ..I'm emailing you something later today that he suggested I send you:)
Thanks for the sweet comments..the scarf isn't as small as it looks..that's actually doubled it will be adequate for a normal necksize.
Her website/store
and Elisabeth is a sweetheart!

Dana said...

The scarf and Margene's pin look terrific! You did an awesome job on the knitting.

Have fun working up your cozy blanket; it sounds great. I'll be casting on his noggin' warmer very soon. :)

Marianne said...

the photos of the hydrangea and magnolia were a real treat :^), I'm thinking he'd feel the same about Julie if he'd gotten to spend more time with her, she mighta not gotten the whole Jim Thorpe connection but she would've found everything else every bit as fascinating. and she did, just the little glimpse she got.

Marianne said...

oh crap. none of the above was meant in any way to be snarky or snotty. you know that, right? right.
I'm just saying, given the time....

Dianne said...

oh..he loved Julie equally and he adores Dana.....and he would have bored her with his museum tour if she had been here for the night..hehe..not snarky..
Thank you for allowing him to opportunity to share his 'collection' time he can share with Julie:))

Joyce Mays Scott said...

I love your style of writing. Interesting read, and I want to see your husband's blankie! My sister knitt

ed a small afghan for me. I love to place it around my shoulders for that extra bit of warmth, too.