Thursday, December 21, 2006

Happy Winter Solstice

On the First Day of Winter, my special friend sent to me..."4 skeins of yarn"...this lovely Jo Sharp Kid Mohair...and this lovely Jo Sharp Kid Mohair...and Two skeins of this beautiful Debbie Bliss feels so 'marvy'...and I can't wait to find something special to knit up with it.
Perhaps she knew I needed WOOL to FELT...and is making sure that I don't make the same mistake twice..giggles..for Dana~~
I'm sure the week is hectic for everyone..It is here..but it will soon be behind us and we will have plenty of knitting more baking until next holiday...the waistline sighs!!
Happy Holidays to all and Happy Knitting!!~~


Blue Ridge Knittery said...

Beautiful yarns...the colors, combined with your knitting, are going to be knit up into something wonderful, I've no doubt.

Congrats on finishing off the baking. (Now that you're done, tell me when and where to pick all of it up)! LOLOL Merry Christmas and Happy Knitting.

Marianne said...

Yum....those kid mohair colours...absolutely stunning,, what will you make with them?

Marianne said...

Thanks for stopping by again. Not to worry, socks are really very easy to make, honestly. I knit my very first sock in February of this year, and to date have knit 27 pair, I had hoped to knit another pair before the year was out...DH Bobby didn't get his for the holiday, I'm making him some argyle, it'll be my first go for these.
I basically got a book and taught myself but have picked up little helpful tips along the way.
Plus, really, there's just nothing like a pair of handknit socks on the feet, they feel that good.

Dianne said...

Marianne, My list for 'wanted knit socks' is almost as long as my applesauce cake..I'll have to get too work early on the socks..I don't think I can teach myself..I'm still quite a 'young' OLD knitter...Happy New Year!!

Marianne said...

mmmmmmmm, applesauce cake, mmmmmmmm.
do you have an extra special recipe?

Marianne said...

Thank you Dianne, I'd love the applesauce recipe...making me drool just thinking about it.

that's my addy.
thanks again!