Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!

I hope each of you have a healthy, happy and prosperous year..and what's all the talk of 'yarn diets' way~~NOT happening here.

A little sock yarn that my Sis gave me for Christmas..and the sock class begins next Tues..well, that should be a hoot...but I'm game..I also bought..see, no diet here...this other skein's it's going to be a bowl at some point...thanks to Dana for the wonderful bowl I just need her youthful mind to help me figure some of the language.. and I need to buy special yarn if I'm going to knit the 'exact' pattern.
I have quite a few loose ends on the needles and nothing is screaming to me to hurry up...I need motivation!! Maybe I'm just still in the holiday mode..after all, I do still have my tree up..and I don't see it coming down in the next few days unless there's a service that comes around and 'undecorates'...too busy for it at the moment.
We had friends down for New Years Eve and I made chili and cornbread..and a too die for chocolate cheese cake...and I had found this great sounding recipe for black eyed peas, collards, kielbasa with a cornbread topping...that I was going to fix for New Years Day..but I was called to be with a friend. her Father was I spent most of the day and afternoon with her..and he did pass away that afternoon...but when I got home, I was too tired...too sad and too stressed to we had leftover chili...thank goodness for leftovers...But..I did fix the casserole yesterday and I would highly recommend...quite tasty and I will do again. I enjoyed having all those 'lucky new year items' in one dish.
Happy Knitting ...~~


Marianne said...

That Claudia's yarn is so beautiful! Love those colours! Like I said, socks are NOT hard, just take it a section at a time...cuff, which turns into leg, then your heel flap, then turn your heel (perhaps the easiest and fastest thing about your sock) then pick up your gusset stitches, knit round and round decreasing every other round til you have your original count then knit and knit and knit til the toe. easy sneezy. "I guarantee it" hee.
The casserole sounds good, and chocolate cheesecake? mmmmmmm.

Dianne said...

I think I have greater culinary skills than knitting..giggles~~BUT I'm having FUN!! The casserole was divine...doubt we will wait until New Years again for that one...and definitely not wait on the cheesecake..~~

Blue Ridge Knittery said...

We're birds of a feather Dianne. 1) My Christmas tree is still up too(I've threatened the family with dire consequences if it doesn't go down this weekend - - I want my living room back)and 2) The language of the bowl pattern is somewhat Greek to me as well (plan on starting one this weekend and just seeing if I can figure it out w/the assorted reference books). Your WOOL is beautiful and it's going to be one stunning bowl. Likewise, your sister did the sock yarn! Well, better get back to work here. Have a wonderful time in sock class; I wish I could be there w/you, Jan & LW.

Vintageme said...

Hello there , I am "Vintageme"'s mum .She passed me onto your site .I am laughing so much at M.O.T.H ..from now on that will me my husband's nickname. I am waving at Marianne also. The yarns all look gorgeous.
I/ve discovered that when Holly is logged on it's easier to use her name or blogger throws me off.

Little Sesame said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog the other day. Loved your yarn parade and Happy 2007 to you.


Marianne said...

Dianne, are you playing with your template or is Blogger up to mischief?

Dianne said...

Geesh Marianne, I don't know, it's been weirding out on me too..I did attempt to change template but..before that it was a bit 'strange'..and now it seems to be on 'delay' at it's finest!!