Monday, January 29, 2007

And Behind Door Number 2

And behind door number sock number 2...needles are for 'mood'..

I suppose every sock has a story..this one being a bit larger than norm..and larger than my HUGE foot ...but because I was sock stupid when I began it...I selected the yarn and was directed that I'd need a size 2 needle..which was great, that would increase my needle stash...but because it was only the 2nd pair socks I'd ever attempted...I didn't think that I should decrease the cast on stitches~~so I cast on 72..I'd never planned on this being a sock of my personal sock stash..although I love it.. it and a match will be going to a dear friend for her birthday mid after I am able to 'kitchener' her together ..I need to get busy on her mate.

For those that have followed the SWTC I received a lovely skein of yarn in the mail from those folks...can't wait to do some yummy socks with it..but that's on the back burner until I finish the 3 on the needles at this time.

BRRR..seems winter finally has found us here in little old rural was only 21 today at 10 a.m...when I was racing out to the gym..I think it finally made it to 30. The forecast is for some type precip on Thurs...can we all say I hope~~ call me weird~~

Just to share the 'Drama Queen Princess'...Princess Ashley..who sometimes poses as Ariel..

This is Granddaughter..3 going on 16...

And sometimes...she is Dora..but always..a sweetheart!!~~
Happy Knitting and be safe~~


Marianne said...

I know quite a bit about those little girls....Ashley is a beauty!
Now, don't you feel oh so very clever! knitting up those socks!
I am so proud of you and it just gets easier and easier to where you don't even need to check patterns,etc.

Dianne said...

Thank you..we're a bit partial, I suppose..she certainly keeps her 12 year old brother in
I look forward to not needing a pattern..but I think that's a ways down the road..Happy Knitting~~

Ms. Knitingale said... the sock! I'd think you'd been doing it for years. Don't feel badly about the size thing--I've been knitting for 20 years and I still just made a sock that didn't fit and had to start over! Oh, wait...that's not encouraging you, is it? = ) Ashley is just beautiful...and I love that inquisitive look she has about her!

Blue Ridge Knittery said...

Your sock looks wonderful; be proud of yourself!

Miss Ashley is a real beauty and I completely see you in her eyes.

Nikki said...

What great lookin' socks!! :) You're just flying along with all these FO's :)

and Ashley is just a cutie!